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NTA (UGC) NET June-December 2019 Syllabus for Buddhist Jaina Gandhian and Peace Studies

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NTA (UGC) NET Buddhist Jaina Gandhian and Peace Studies Syllabus 2012

Code No. 60

Subject: Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies


  • There will be two question papers. Paper II and Paper III.
  • Paper II will consist of 50 questions worth 2 mark each.
  • Paper III will consist of 75 questions worth 2 mark each.

NTA (UGC) NET Paper II and Paper III


  • Life of Gautama Buddha.
  • Buddhist Councils and Theravada (Hinayana) as well as Mahayana Schools.
  • Introduction of Buddhism to Tibet, China and Japan.
  • Pali Tripitaka Literature.
  • Lives and works of Buddhaghosa, Dignanga and Dharmakirti.


  • Sila, Samadhi and Prajna.
  • Four Arya Satyas.
  • Arya Astangika Marga.
  • Pratityasamutpada.
  • Nirvana.


  • Buddhist Architecture-Bodh Gaya (Mahabodhi) Temple, Ajanta Cave-temple, Sanchi Stupa.
  • Buddhist Sculpture-Origin and Development of Buddha-image.
  • Status of Women in Buddhism.
  • Impact of Buddhism on Society.
  • Buddhism and Ecology.


  • Life of Lord Rsabhadeva, Parsvanatha and Mahavira.
  • Jaina Councils and Schools-Digambara and Svetambara.
  • Prakrit Agama Literature.
  • Lives and works of Acarya Kundakunda, Umasvati and Haribhadrasuri.
  • Main Centres of Jaina Learning-Shravanabelgola, Jesalmera, Ahmedabad and Varanasi.


  • Five Vratas-Anuvratas and Mahavratas-Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacarya and Aparigraha.
  • Six Substances and Seven Fundamentals.
  • Triratna-Samyag Darsana, Jnana and Caritra.
  • Anekantavada and Syadvada.
  • Five kinds of knowledge-Mati, Sruti, Avadhi, Manahparyaya and Kevalajnana.


  • Jaina Architecture-Ellora Cave, Khajuraho Temples and Mount Abu Temples.
  • Jaina Iconography-Images from Mathura and Shravanabelgola.
  • Status of Women in Jainism.
  • Impact of Jainism on Society-Vegetarianism (Shakahar), Four kinds of Charity (Dana).
  • Jainism and Ecology.


  • Indian and Western sources of Influence on Gandhi.
  • Early childhood and life in England.
  • Gandhiji's experiment of Satyagraha in South Africa.
  • Satyagraha Campaigns and Indian Freedom Movement.
  • Gandhiana.


  • Foundations of Gandhian Thought-God, Truth and Non-Violence.
  • Individual, State, Swaraj, Rights and Duties.
  • Philosophy of Sarvodaya.
  • Ends and Means.
  • Religion and Politics.


  • Society and Varnasrama Dharma.
  • Ashram Vows.
  • Civilization and Education.
  • Trusteeship.
  • Constructive Programme, Sustainable Development and Swadeshi.


  • Concept of Peace.
  • Causes and Forms of Violence.
  • Conflict-Resolution and Satyagraha.
  • Peace Movements in India and Abroad.
  • Non-Violent and Ecology.

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