5 Key Success Tips from Successful NET Candidates for Future Aspirants (Download PDF)

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We extend our heartiest congratulations to all those who qualified NET Nov 2017 examination. We are rejoiced that Examrace played a role in the success of so many. Many qualified candidates are now providing valuable feedback for benefit of future aspirants (we extend our heartfelt gratitude for taking time to do this!) . We have reviewed all the feedback and found following common themes necessary for success of future aspirants:

  1. Practice, practice, practice- practicing questions is a must (provides a compendium of previous years and expected questions for many NET subjects) .
  2. Do not leave any topic untouched.
  3. Do regular studies- 6 - 8 hours daily.
  4. Know your strengths and weakness- focus on your weakness.
  5. Refer excellent and accurate re-sources- there is lot of unverified misinformation on NET- rumors, incorrect questions, wrong syllabus. Even mistakes in many substandard guide books- these all will cost you marks.

We can՚t emphasize the importance of last point. At Examrace we tirelessly strive to make sure that our materials are as accurate as possible- reviewing and re-reviewing until every last feedback is incorporated.

Impotent Points from Qualified Candidates Are Given in Detail below

1. At least 4 - 5 hrs daily for last 10 months. 7 - 8 hrs when exam was near.

2. Referred to specialist Text book on all topics i.e. Strahler, Hugget, Richard Chorley. I have observed various tricky question picked up directly from these books, which provide edge over other aspirants.

3. Complete the syllabus. Keep your fundamental strong.

4. Examrace helped me in making my fundamental strong.

5. Do regular studies complete the syllabus?

6. There are ten type of topics in Paper 1. I was strong in 6 topic so I decided to go with full preparation in my strong areas and rest 4 topic I studied them but didn՚t waste my time in mastering them. ″

-By Aditya Mishra (Qualified in Geography)

  • Examrace I prepared for about 4 months. 3 - 4 hours daily on weekdays and about 6 hours on weekends. The best references for paper 1 are standard references along with online videos@Examrace. For paper 2,3 of Economics different books need to be followed for micro, macro, international eco etc. Preparation strategy for me was to be consistent, focused and dedicated. Revision is the key in all the 3 papers.
  • Each topic must be read thoroughly at least twice before the exam. I watched Examrace videos for nearly all the topics of paper 1, be it teaching or research aptitude, reasoning, logical reasoning, data interpretation etc. Special tip to the aspirants would be to work as hard as you can, give your 100 % and believe that you can do it. ″

-By Nikhat Khalid (Qualified in Economics)

  • I am a commerce student doing M. Com under Distance Education. My final year exam was about to start and was preparing for the same. Hardly 1 month was left for NET exam. I couldn՚t attend any other coaching classes. So I searched for classes in YouTube and found Examrace classes of Manishika ma՚am which was easy to understand. Used the class for basic understanding of general paper topics. I wrote down important points from PPTs shown and revised. The classes were always updated and ma՚am was loading classes of a new topic even previous day of exams. This kind of care and dedication from her is really appreciable. After classes, for practicing questions. Roughly I spent 2 hrs everyday for both classes and practicing questions.
  • For subjects I referred important topics from my own textbooks for B. Com & M. Com. Since my M. Com exams got postponed I could dedicate last 2 weeks completely (7 - 8hrs/day) for NET exam. 2days before the exam, I wrote a mock test setting same timeframe. With respect to subjects (paper2&3) focus on usually asked topics and prepare well. For Paper 1 you can follow ma՚am՚s classes and instructions. All the best for all future aspirants. . ″

-By Elizabeth Joy (Qualified in Commerce)

Hope these tips will prove beneficial for the upcoming 2018 exam.

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