CBSE NET November 2017 Geography Paper 2-Solutions, Answer Key & Explanations (YouTube Examrace) Part - 2

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Fully Solved Set of second set of 25 questions (from 26 - 50) questions in CBSE NET November 2017 examination - all questions - data interpretation, research, teaching aptitude and current events all answered below. These solutions are fully explained in the video at Youtube Examrace Channel. The paper was deceptively simple with many students choosing incorrect answers with full confidence. All the sections of the paper are thoroughly covered in Examrace Paper 2 Postal Course.

Q: 26. Among the following, who developed the formula for calculating crop combination?


(2) J. C. Weaver

(3) Pownall

(4) Rafiullah

Answer: 2

Q: 27. Transportation cost does not play a major role in the location of textile industry because:

(1) Cotton is a weight loosing material

(2) Cotton is a weight gaining material

(3) Cotton is a pure material more or less equal to the finished material

(4) Weight loss in cotton during manufacturing is high

Answer: 3

Q: 28. Which of the following occupation is classified as a secondary activity?

(1) Carpenter

(2) Coal mixer

(3) School teacher

(4) Farmer

Answer: 1

Q: 29. Which of the following does not fall under intensive subsistence rice cultivation?

(1) South East Asia

(2) Southern China and Japan

(3) Nile valley and delta

(4) Coastal and delta areas of India

Answer: 3

Q: 30. Which one of the following group of activities are appropriately labelled for Goal-collar worker?

(1) Increasing the value of commodities by changing their form

(2) Financial, health, entertainment, education, information and data processing services; middle management administrative services; government bureaucrats

(3) Chief executive officers and other top management executives in both government and private service

(4) Exchanging services and ideas by telecommunication and satisfying the needs of people by changing their location

Answer: 3

Q: 31. The concept of Lebensraum became popular in the discipline of political geography after the publication of:

(1) Political Geography: World Economy, Nation-State and Locality

(2) Politische Geographic

(3) Geographical Pivot of History

(4) Making Political Geography

Answer: 2

Q: 32. Who propounded the ‘Theory of Heartland’ in political geography?

(1) Smith

(2) Spykman

(3) Mackinder

(4) Haushofer

Answer: 3

Q: 33. Cephalic index, used, used to classify human races is calculated as:

(1) Ratio between the length and breadth of the nose

(2) Ratio between the flatness and length of the head

(3) Ratio between the breadth and length of the head

(4) Ratio between the length of the head and weight of the human body

Answer: 3

Q: 34. Which of the following statements is not true about a state?

(1) It always has a social or cultural base

(2) It has a territorial base

(3) It claims internal sovereignty

(4) It claims sovereignty in external relations

Answer: 1

Q: 35. Who coined the term Geopolitics?

(1) Mackinder

(2) Haushofer

(3) Kiellen

(4) Spykman

Answer: 3

Q: 36. Which one of the following writers quoted “merely packing together of existing Sectoral or departmental plans does not automatically make an integrated plan. A plan becomes integrated only when backward and forward linkages are thoroughly analysed and interlinked in the area of planning are clearly specified” ?

(1) S. N. Bhattacharya

(2) R. P. Mishra

(3) L. K. Sen

(4) M. L. Dantwala

Answer: 4

Q: 37. Which one of the following regions does not constitute the Damodar Valley Region?

(1) Deltaic Plain of west Bengal

(2) Deltaic plain of Padma river

(3) Chhotanagpur plateau

(4) Palamu Plateau

Answer: 2

Q: 38. Match List-I with the List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below:

Table Contain Shows the Level of Planning and Scala of Map Desired

(Level of Planning)


(Scala of map desired)



Table Contain Shows the Answer of Level of Planning and Scala of Map Desired

Answer: 4

Q: 39. Which one of the following proposed the definition of regional planning: “Regional planning is the process of formulating and classifying social objectives in the ordering of activities in supra-urban space” ?

(1) Charles L. Leven

(2) Antoni Kuklinski

(3) H. W. Richardson

(4) John Friedmann

Answer: 4

Q: 40. Which one of the following does not belong to the exploitive model of urban structure propounded by william bunge?

(1) City of superfluity

(2) City of Death

(3) Central Business District

(4) City of need

Answer: 3

Q: 41. National Highway No. 48 in India passes through which of the places?

(1) Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai

(2) Pune, Goa, Coimbatore

(3) Agra, Bhopal, Mumbai

(4) Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad

Answer: 4

Q: 42. In which one of the following states of India the maximum Teak forest is found?

(1) Madhya Pradesh

(2) Bihar

(3) Uttar Pradesh

(4) Karnataka

Answer: 1

Q: 43. Which one of the following passes connects Arunachal Pradesh with Tibet?

(1) Banihal Pass

(2) Chang La Pass

(3) Bomdila Pass

(4) Aghil Pass

Answer: 3

Q: 44. The decadal growth rate of Indian population between 2001 and 2011 census was:





Answer: 2

Q: 45. Given below are two statements, one labelled as assertion (A) and the other labelled as

Reason (R) . Select your answer from the code given below:

Assertion (A) :

Population growth rate (2001 - 2011) was high for Bihar as compared to uttar pradesh.

Reason (R) :

Growth rate of population is the outcome of births minus deaths of a place.


(1) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(2) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(3) (A) is true, but (R) is false

(4) (A) is false, but (R) is true

Answer: 3

Q: 46. Which one of the following is the correct sequence (in the ascending order) of EMR spectral bands?

(1) Blue – Green – Red – Ultra Violet

(2) Ultra Violet -Blue – Green – Red

(3) Ultra Violet - Red - Blue – Green

(4) Green – Red – Blue – Ultra Violet

Answer: 2

Q: 47. Match List-I with the List – II and select the correct answer from the code given below:

Table Contain Shows the Maps and Diagrams and Its Aspect

(Maps and Diagrams)



(A)Isopleth Maps(i)Natural Grouping
(B)Dot maps(ii)Population Distribution
(C)Scatter Diagram(iii)Wind Direction
(D)Star Diagram(iv)Changes over space which are relatively gradual


Table Contain Shows the Answer Table of Maps and Diagrams and Its Aspect

Answer: 1

Q: 48. Which one of the following group of colours is called primary colours?

(1) White, red and green

(2) Blue, green and red

(3) Yellow, violet and indigo

(4) Green, blue and black

Answer: 2

Q: 49. Consider the following line symbols:

(A) Isobars

(B) Contours

(C) Hachures

(D) Isochrones

Which of the above depicts relief?

Select the correct answer using depicts relief?

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(1) (a) and (d)

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) (b) and (c)

(4) (b) and (d)

Answer: 3

Q: 50. Which one of the following terms is used to measure the extreme peak in a nor distribution?

(1) Skewed

(2) Mesokurtic

(3) Leptokurtic

(4) Platykurtic

Answer: 3

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