CBSE NET Paper 1 J&K 2016: Solved Paper 1 Q 31 - 60 Part - 2

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CBSE NET Paper 1 was held separately for J&K in August. Following are solved questions 31 - 60. Detailed solutions are available at DoorStepTutor Most of the questions on GS were from topics on environmental science and polity. Fortunately, environmental science, polity and basic geography, teaching and research aptitude are covered extensively in Examrace Paper - 1 . A lot of topics are covered in our YouTube videos

31. Which of the following are the basic factors of effective listening?

  1. Opinionating, stare and glare and interruptions
  2. Aggressive questioning, continuous cues and frequent movement
  3. Me-too-ism, glancing sideways, and offering advice
  4. Acknowledgement of thought, reflection, and asking open-ended questions

Answer: 4

32. In a particular code, HOSPITALS is coded as HSOLSAPTI. The code of BIOLOGICALS will be


Answer: 4

33. In the series

1, 5, 13,25, 41, …

The next term is

  1. 59
  2. 63
  3. 61
  4. 68

Answer: 3

34. Internal and external factors that affect message reception by the students in the classroom are referred to as

  1. Feedback
  2. Fragmentation
  3. Channelization
  4. Noise

Answer: 4

35. A teacher in a classroom has immediate control over

  1. The self, selected methods of communication, and the message.
  2. The audience, the noise, and the reception.
  3. The feedback, the technology, and the audience experience.
  4. The communication channel, other communicators, and external factors.

Answer: 1

36. What do communicated words carry in a classroom situation?

  1. Inspiration, controversy and introspection
  2. Diversion, criticism and irrationality
  3. Insipidity, irrationality, and non-acceptance
  4. Power, structure and tradition

Answer: 4

37. Anil played 8 cricket matches. The mean (average) of the runs was found to be 80. After playing four more matches, the mean of the runs of all the matches was found to be 70.

The total runs made in the last four matches is________

  1. 400
  2. 300
  3. 200
  4. 100

Answer: 3

38. If two propositions are connected in such a way that they cannot both be false although they may both be true, then their relationship is called

  1. Contrary
  2. Sub-contrary
  3. Contradictory
  4. Sub-alternation

Answer: 4

39. Which one among the following is not a characteristic of a deductive type of argument?

  1. The conclusion follows from the premise/premises necessarily.
  2. The argument admits degree of complexity.
  3. The argument provides us knowledge about matters of fact.
  4. The argument must be either valid or invalid.

Answer: 2

40. Select the code, which states the condition of an invalid deductive argument:

  1. All the premises are true but the conclusion is false.
  2. Some of the premises are true but the conclusion is false.
  3. All the premises are false and the conclusion is also false.
  4. All the premises are true and the conclusion is also true.

Answer: 1.

41. Given below are two premises, with four conclusions drawn from them (taking singly or together) ; which conclusions are validly drawn? Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Premises: (i) All bats are mammals.

(ii) Birds are not bats.

Conclusions: (a) Birds are not mammals.

(b) Bats are not birds.

(c) All mammals are bats.

(d) Some mammals are bats.


  1. (a) , (b) and (d)
  2. (b) and (d)
  3. (a) and (c)
  4. (b) , (c) and (d)

Answer: 2

42. At present, a mother is 3 times older than her son. After 5 years, the sum of their ages will be 70 years. The age of the mother after 10 years will be

  1. 40
  2. 55
  3. 45
  4. 60

Answer: 2

43. In the series

AYD, BVF, DRH, GMJ, … ? The next term is

  1. GLK
  2. HLM
  3. LHM
  4. KGL

Answer: 4

44. C and D are sisters. A and B are brothers. E is son of A and brother of D. B is related to C as

  1. Brother
  2. Son
  3. Uncle
  4. Father-in-law

Answer: 3

45. Select the code, which is not correct:

An analogical argument is strengthened by

  1. Increasing the number of entities.
  2. Increasing the number of similar respects.
  3. Reducing the claim made earlier stronger.
  4. Making the conclusion stronger when premises remain unchanged.

Answer: 4

46. When a definition implies a proposal to use the definiendum to mean what is meant by the definiens it is called

  1. Lexical definition
  2. Simulative definition
  3. Precising definition
  4. Persuasive definition

Answer: 3

Consider the following two tables (I and II) that show the percentage of students in each faculty at University and the number of foreign students in the Science faculty. These percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. There are a total of 1049 students in the science faculty. Study these tables I and II and answer the questions that follow: (Q47 to 49)

I: Student Facultywise

Table Showing the Student Facultywise
Name of Faculty% of Students

II: Foreign Students in Science Faculty

Table Showing the Foreign Students in Science Faculty
Foreign StudentsNumber of Science Students

47. Approximately, what percentage of students in the Science faculty is that of foreign students?

  1. 14 %
  2. 9 %
  3. 30 %
  4. 11 %

Answer: 4

48. Approximately, how many students belong to the Engineering faculty?

  1. 420
  2. 410
  3. 390
  4. 400

Answer: 2

49. In case, there are 34 European medical students, then approximately, what is their percentage in the medicine faculty?

  1. 13 %
  2. 18 %
  3. 12 %
  4. 15 %

Answer: 4

A college has a total of 800 MCA students, 80 % of whom are in class MCA-III and remaining are equally divided between class MCA-I and class MCA-II. The proportion of female students and the proportion of vegetarian students in the college are indicated as under through the table.

Answer questions based on this information. (Q. 50 to 52)

Proportion of females and proportion of vegetarians in each class

Proportion of Females and Proportion of Vegetarians in Each Class
ClassFemale (F)Vegetarian (V)

For example, in the table above, 0.525 is the total proportion of female students and 0.53 is the total proportion of vegetarian students in the college.

50. What is the percentage of female students in class MCA-III?

  1. 40
  2. 45
  3. 50
  4. 55

Answer: 4

51. What is the percentage of vegetarian students in class MCA-I?

  1. 40
  2. 45
  3. 50
  4. 55

Answer: 1

52. How many total non-vegetarian students are there in class MCA-I and class MCA-II?

  1. 72
  2. 88
  3. 78
  4. 92

Answer: 1

53. Which of the following statements regarding the features of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is/are true?

I) ICT are the main instruments for the creation of computer networks and the applications based on them.

II) ICT support the spread of information and knowledge, separating the content from the place where it belongs physically.

III) The digital and virtual nature of most of ICT products allow the expenditure for them to be maximized.


  1. I and II only
  2. I and III only
  3. II and III only
  4. I, II and III

Answer: 4

54. Random Access Memory (RAM) , a form of computer storage, is a ________memory.

  1. Non-volatile
  2. Volatile
  3. Permanent
  4. Secondary

Answer: 2

55. In Computer Networking, HTTP is referred to as a stateless protocol as servers do not maintain any information about past client requests. HTTP is an acronym for

  1. Hyper Text Translation Protocol
  2. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  3. High TeraByte Transfer Protocol
  4. Hypervisor Test Translation Protocol

Answer: 2

56. The arsenic pollution in ground water in Bangladesh and part of India is due to

  1. Industrial waste
  2. Thermal power plants
  3. Natural sources
  4. Agricultural practices

Answer: 1,3

57. Among the following air pollutants which directly impacts human health as well as climate?

  1. Soot
  2. Sulphur dioxide
  3. Oxides of nitrogen
  4. Chlorofluorocarbons

Answer: 4

58. If one GigaByte is equal to 230 Bytes of data storage, then 1024 TeraBytes is equal to ________bits of data storage.

  1. 250
  2. 253
  3. 240
  4. 256

Answer: 2

59. The software used to navigate through the web is known as

  1. Website
  2. Web Browser
  3. Internet
  4. World Wide Web

Answer: 2

60. With regard to e-mail, what does Bcc: mean?

  1. Blind Computer Communication:- The users specified in the Bcc: field will get the e-mail and see the addresses in the to: and cc: fields.
  2. Blind Carbon Copy:- The users specified in the Bcc: field will get the e-mail and see the addresses in the to: and cc: fields.
  3. Blind Computer Communication:- The users specified in the Bcc: field will get the e-mail but it will be an audio file because this is how blind people get e-mail.
  4. Blind Carbon Copy: The users specified in the Bcc: field will get the e-mail but will not see the addresses in the to: and cc: fields.

Answer: 2

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