Congratulations to Mrs. Ritu Thakkar for Qualifying NET Jan 2017 – Recommendations for Aspirants

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We extend our heartiest congratulations to Mrs. Ritu Thakkar for qualifying NET Jan 2017 examination in Chinese. Here are some of the recommendations she has for the aspirants. Hope these tips will prove beneficial for the upcoming July 2017 exam.

Examrace: How much time did you devoted daily for preparation?

Ritu: Daily 8 to 9 hours

Examrace: What do you consider are the best references?

Ritu: I would also recommend to take notes from Google, you tube videos and Wikipedia. Please make notes of all current events.

Examrace: What should be the preparation strategy?

Ritu: Prepare each topic in depth. Reading one book is not enough. Pick up the topic, search it՚s notes on net, use various books to make notes.

Examrace: How was Examrace resources beneficial for you? What all resources did you found useful?

Ritu: Examrace you tube videos were very beneficial for me.

Examrace: What special tips would you like to give to aspirants?

Ritu: Prepare each topic in depth, it՚s history, present and future.

Examrace: What strategy do you recommend for Paper 1?

Ritu: See 10 years paper, after this you come to know the patters of the exam, make notes on present scenario related to our India and world. For example topic like people and environment, make notes on pollution, what Indian government presently doing to control, it՚s effects etc.

Examrace: What strategy do you recommend for Chinese?

Ritu: For Chinese, I pick up the topic and make notes with the help of various sites on net. Prepare each topic in depth. Try to cover each topic which was asked in last 10 years.

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