Congratulations to Sachin Abrol for Qualifying NET JRF Geography Nov 2017

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We extend our heartiest congratulations to Sachin Abrol who qualified NET JRF Nov 2017 examination at the age of 22 years and is still pursuing Msc Geography. We are happy that he came forward to provide valuable feedback for the benefit of future aspirants. We are also happy to know that Examrace proved helpful in your preparation and thanks for the warm gratitude. Here are some of the recommendations for the aspirants:


Principles to keep in mind:

  • REVISE MORE READ LESS … 90 % of success depends on this as it give u Conceptual clarity!
  • HOURS DO MATTER BUT PRODUCTIVITY SHOULD BE YOUR FOCUS. 8 hr in last 4 months will help you
  • Always make NOTES of everything you read in less space because it help u revise and psychologically reduce ur stress as there will be few pages to read … .
  • Believe me it worked greatly


  • All basic sources used for physical geo, human + modals + geographical thought, for India + climatology. + watched EXAMRACE videos.
  • EXAMRACE videos are crisp, clear and updated that are immensely helpful for this exam. They give u conceptual clarity.


  • You should rather buy class notes - postal course (for IAS optional) and then watch Examrace videos to get complete picture in your head … . do make notes from videos … .
  • Finally REVISION is the key to SUCCESS (Atleast 3 REVISIONS) . Solve last 15 year question paper, it will increase your score by at least 30 marks … that՚s it … . nobody can stop you after that! YOU WILL DEFINITELY CLEAR IT!
  • PAPER 1 BOOK TO GET THE GIST OF ALL CONCEPTS. Supplement your concept with EXAMRACE videos … that is more than enough! You will never try to master paper1.
  • Remember for JRF you can՚t leave any topic + questions have a definite pattern, understand it by solving previous years MCQ.
  • Please don՚t commit the same mistakes which I did. learn from it and clear it comfortably! Good luck to all future aspirants!

Hope these tips will prove beneficial for the upcoming 2018 exam.

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