Expected Questions for NTA NET Paper 1 Environment Part 2 December 2019

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Ozone Hole Reduced: In 2006, the hole was 10.3 million square miles. However, recently it has reduced to 3.6 million square miles. Scientists say that the hole is smaller than it was found in 1985. Deep Carbon Observatory: Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) is a global research program to outreach carbons role on Earth. It has found that there are ultra - deep diamonds at 670 km depth in the mantle. It has signatures of geochemical signature of organic material from Earth՚s surface. There may be significant amounts of iron carbide in the Earth՚s core that accounts to two - thirds of Earth՚s carbon.

Eco-friendly Crackers

  • The regular crackers release Barium Nitrate the main pollutant. It is now replaced with Potassium Nitrate. Also, crackers pollute the environment by leaving dangerous toxins, metal particles, smoke and harmful chemicals.
  • Also, the court restricted the time of bursting crackers between 8 pm and 10 pm.
  • SC also encouraged use of green crackers and improved crackers. Improved crackers are those which use ash as filler and reduces the particulate emission by 15 to 20 % .
  • Green Crackers are those that reduces emission of Nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide and reduces the overall harmful particulate emissions by 30 to 35 % .

GreenCo certification

  • GreenCo rating system: It is developed by CII. It evaluates the green initiative and rate of performance of industrial units who are pursuing environmentally sustainable practice and also certifies green building, green campus and green schools etc.

India ′ s first ′ Garbage Café

  • India՚s first ‘Garbage Café’ will soon be opened in Ambikapur city in north Chhattisgarh. It is initiative of Ambikapur municipal corporation. It aims to make Ambikar city plastic-free.
  • India ′ s first ′ Garbage Café
  • In this unique Café, poor people and rag pickers will get free food in exchange for one kilogram of plastic. Besides they will also provide with breakfast in return for exchanging half a kilogram of plastic brought to the cafe.

Okjokull Glacier

  • As the world recently marked warmest July ever on record, Iceland held funeral for Okjokull glacier, country՚s 1st glacier lost to climate change.
  • First monument to a lost glacier: A bronze plaque was mounted on a bare rock in a ceremony on barren terrain once covered by Okjokull glacier in western Iceland. Plaque is also labelled ′ 415 ppm CO2 ′ , which refers to record level of carbon dioxide measured in atmosphere last May.

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