Kiran Nikam Shares Her Success Story in CBSE NET Management July 2016

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Examrace heartily congratulates Ms. Kiran Nikam for clearing CBSE NET Management Examination July 2016. Ms. Kiran believes Examrace made substantial difference in getting her selected. We are ofcourse delighted to positively contribute to success of 1000′s of candidates every year and are happy that Ms. Kiran՚s persuasion and hard-work paid off. Here is a short interview in which Ms. Kiran shares her key learning՚s with all aspirants.

Examrace: How much time did you devote daily for preparation?

Kiran: To be honest, I didn՚t follow a well planned calendar but certainly put in sincere efforts and maintained consistency. I would say devote at least 2 hours of daily preparation 6 months prior to the exam.

Examrace: What do you consider are the best references?

Kiran: I would propose exam race՚s you tube video tutorials and UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Management by Mohit Agarwal. Its very important to understand the syllabus and its relevance in the exam to choose the references for preparation.

Examrace: What should be the preparation strategy?

Kiran: I went through all the topics initially, also reviewed the previous exam pattern and then revised only those topics which were important from the examinations point of view.

Examrace: How was Examrace resources beneficial for you? What all resources did you found useful?

Kiran: Examrace resources available on the You tube were very beneficial for me. In particular, guidance provided on the exam pattern, solutions and explanations on the past exam papers and some other discussion on various topics like reasoning, research etc. found very useful. The kind of presentations and information shared by Dr. Manishika Jain on Youtube and Postal Course are really valuable and excellent.

Examrace: What special tips would you like to give to aspirants?

Kiran: I think prior to study, its important to understand the syllabus and review the previous examination questions. One should be clear about the fundamentals of each topic and further enhance the subject knowledge by solving past papers

Examrace: What strategy do you recommend for Paper 1?

Kiran: I would recommend to compulsorily attempting scoring topics like reasoning, data interpretation and comprehension.

Examrace: What special strategy you would recommend for Management subject?

Kiran: I would recommend following the case study approach for the Management subjects.

Examrace has been providing consistent guidelines and support to numerous aspirants by means of Postal Course for Paper 1 and detailed solutions to past year papers for various subjects.

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