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26. Arrange the following terms in a meaningful-logical order indicating the correct sequence

(1) Grass (2) curd (3) Milk (4) Cow (5) Butter

(A) 1 - 4-3 - 2-5

(B) 4 - 3-2 - 1-5

(C) 5 - 2-3 - 4-1

(D) 4 - 1-3 - 2-5

Answer: A

27. If the term HJLN is converted into ILOR. Then by the same principle what could be the correct alternative for the term DFHJ?





Answer: B

28. Parrots have green colour. This statement is a/an:

A) Perception

B) Inference

C) Comparison

D) Implication Answer: A

29. Which of the following is/are the valid conclusions based on the statements given below? Statement i: All donkeys are hardworking. Statement ii: Some hardworking animals are human beings. Conclusion i: Some donkeys are hardworkingConclusion ii: Some donkeys are human being

A) 1 only

B) 2 only

C) 1 and 2 both

D) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: A

30. Which of the following diagram shows the correct relationship among: Boys, Students, Girls


This is Image show in syllogism

This is Image Show in Syllogism

This is Image show in syllogism


This is Image show in syllogism choice 2

This is Image Show in Syllogism Choice 2

This is Image show in syllogism choice 2


This is Image show in syllogism choice 3

This is Image Show in Syllogism Choice 3

This is Image show in syllogism choice 3


This is Image show in syllogism choice 4

This is Image Show in Syllogism Choice 4

This is Image show in syllogism choice 4

Answer: A

31. A report regarding examination is given below, total number of examinations is given below: Total Number of candidates appeared 1000 The number of male candidates = 550 The number of candidates passed = 700 The number of successful male candidates will lie between limits

(A) 100 to 250

(B) 250 to 550

(C) 550 to 700

(D) 700 to 1000

Answer: B

32. Find the number of male employee in state D:

(A) 14000 (B) 6000 (C) 28000 (D) 20000

Answer: C

33. Find the number of post-graduate female employees in state B

(A) 8000

(B) 15000

(C) 350

(D) 7000

Answer: D

34. If the cost of paper is Rs. 16,000 then find the amount of other charges:

(A) Rs. 16,000

(B) Rs. 10,000

(C) Rs. 8,000

(D) Rs. 12,000

Answer: C

36. Which of the following is the correct full form of IPTV?

(A) International and Political Television

(B) Internet Proliferation Television

(C) Inter Provisional Television

(D) Internet Protocol Television

Answer: D

37. The world first computer ENIAC was developed in the year?

(A) 1945

(B) 1940

(C) 1955

(D) 1960

Answer: A

38. Which communication service has been recently closed in India?

(A) Postal service

(B) Landline

(C) Telegram

(D) Fax

Answer: C

39. For recruitment as a school teacher in Maharashtra one must enroll himself/herself on the web portal

(A) Saral

(B) Maha Jobs

(C) e-Seva

(D) Pavitra

Answer: D

40. Which statement, among the following is not correct with respect to National Digital Library of India?

(A) It is a project by department of technology

(B) It is a virtual repository of learning resources with Single window search facility.

(C) It is friendly to differentially abled persons

(D) It is being developed at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Answer: A

41. Convention on Ozone Depleting Substances is also known as

(A) Basel Convention

(B) Montreal Protocol

(C) Ramsar Convention

(D) Conference of Parties

Answer: B

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Ozone: Formation, Depletion and Montreal Protocol (Examrace - Dr. Manishika)

In this lecture Dr. Manishika Jain explains the importance of Ozone, its formation and depletion & pros and cons of Montreal Protocol.

42. Unit used to measure noise level is: (A) Joule


(C) Bit

(D) db

Answer: D

43. Green India Mission was part of the:

(A) Millennium Development Goal

(B) River Action Plan

(C) Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

(D) National Action Plan for climate change

Answer: D

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National Action Plan on Climate Change (Important)

Dr. Manishika Jain in this video explains National Action Plan on Climate Change (Important)

44. International Solar Alliance was established to develop co-operation in developing solar energy was Proposed by:

(A) Indian Prime Minister

(B) French President

(C) African Union

(D) European Union

Answer: A

45. Concentration of toxic chemicals through food-chain result into:

(A) Accumulation

(B) Excretion

(C) Biomagnification

(D) Elimination

Answer: C

46 Technical and scientific education was given in:

A) Vedic system of education

B) Pre-vedic system of education

C) Buddhist system of education

D) Islamic system of education

Answer: A

47. According to UGC list published the state with the most universities is:

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Tamil Nadu

(D) Rajasthan

Answer: A

48. For creation and development Of MOOC courses in different disciplines MHRD has notified ………is one of the eight nation co-ordination

(A) Mumbai Vidyapeeth

(B) U. G. C.


(D) IIT Mumbai

Answer: B

49. Most of the State Universities are ……………. in nature.

(A) Affiliating Universities

(B) Deemed Universities

(C) Self-financing Universities

(D) Private Universities

Answer: A

50 Which organization arranges administrative course for principals?

A) HRD Ministry




Answer: D

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