NET January 2017 Subjects Wise Cutoff Details Part-7

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The results of University Grants Commission՚s (UGC) National Eligibility Test (NET) examination have been declared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which was held on 22nd January, 2017.

The National Eligibility Test conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) is the qualifying examination to recruit the candidates in the post of Junior Research Fellows (JRF) and Assistant Professors.

Table Contain Shows Subject Wise Cutoff Details
ScodeSubjectCategoryJrf & LectureshipLectureship Only
073(073) Sanskrit Traditional SubjectOBC60.57253.7116
073(073) Sanskrit Traditional SubjectSC53.71252.574
073(073) Sanskrit Traditional SubjectST53.14149.142
073(073) Sanskrit Traditional SubjectPWD57.14157.141
074(074) Women StudiesUNRESERVED61.71156.5710
074(074) Women StudiesOBC56.00151.4310
074(074) Women StudiesSC54.86148.579
074(074) Women StudiesST53.14253.142
074(074) Women StudiesPWD50.29150.291
079(079) Visual ArtUNRESERVED61.711057.7143
079(079) Visual ArtOBC58.86952.0080
079(079) Visual ArtSC53.71749.7127
079(079) Visual ArtST55.43153.713
079(079) Visual ArtPWD52.57150.292
080(080) GeographyUNRESERVED64.0017259.43750
080(080) GeographyOBC61.1410253.71723
080(080) GeographySC58.296253.14284
080(080) GeographyST56.572850.86125
080(080) GeographyPWD56.00952.5718
081(081) Social Medicine & CommunUNRESERVED66.29661.1432
081(081) Social Medicine & CommunOBC62.29254.2923
081(081) Social Medicine & CommunSC59.43254.869
081(081) Social Medicine & CommunST61.14152.003
081(081) Social Medicine & CommunPWD46.86146.861
082(082) Forensic ScienceUNRESERVED68.00360.5714
082(082) Forensic ScienceOBC58.86251.4317
082(082) Forensic ScienceSC61.14253.148
082(082) Forensic ScienceST56.00156.001
082(082) Forensic SciencePWD40.57140.571
083(083) PaliUNRESERVED65.14159.434
083(083) PaliOBC61.71158.861
083(083) PaliSC66.29155.434
083(083) PaliST54.29-54.291
083(083) PaliPWD----
084(084) KashmiriUNRESERVED57.14257.142
084(084) KashmiriOBC44.57144.571
084(084) KashmiriSC----
084(084) KashmiriST----
084(084) KashmiriPWD----
085(085) KonkaniUNRESERVED----
085(085) KonkaniOBC----
085(085) KonkaniSC----
085(085) KonkaniST----
085(085) KonkaniPWD----
087(087) Computer Science and AppUNRESERVED68.572662.86179
087(087) Computer Science and AppOBC61.712953.71273
087(087) Computer Science and AppSC57.71852.5759
087(087) Computer Science and AppST54.86251.4311
087(087) Computer Science and AppPWD53.71249.146
088(088) Electronic ScienceUNRESERVED63.434358.86223
088(088) Electronic ScienceOBC60.002353.14196

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