NTA NET December 2018 Paper 1 (Memory Based) Questions-Answers & Explanation (Download PDF)

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Open University - 1st Deemed University Categories of University IISER - new campus (From Expected Questions) CEE (Center for Environmental Education) Chairman of 1st education policy

NTA14 and NTA15 is 157229 what is NTA

PAN = 31, PAR = 35 what is PAT

5472 = 9; 6342 = 6; what is

9236 = ? ? FACE is coded as HCEG, then High is coded as

NTA NET Paper 1 - 18th-22NdDecember 2018: Answers and Solutions (Memory Based)
4 Easy Steps to Solve Coding Decoding Problems - Verbal Reasoning

Venn diagram - if 35 % fail in math, 25 % in science, 20 % in both what is pass % ?

Square of Opposition - Contradictory (all men are human)

Clearly Understand Square of Opposition (Part 1 of 2) in a Single Diagram

Number Series

4,16, 36,64

2, 8,24, 64,160

57, 40,27, 17,10 … .

Solving Number Series Problems is Now a Piece of Cake

6 R & 4 G ball - probability of 2 R and 2G

Calendar Problems - if 9 Jan 2010 is Saturday what is 9 Nov 2010. . ?

Odd one - plastic wool jute silk

Odd one out - Thin tall huge sharp

Seminar & Workshop

Seminar, Workshop, Congress, Symposium & Conference - Teaching Aptitude

Open University - 1st Deemed University Categories of University IISER - new campus (From Expected Questions) CEE (Center for Environmental Education) Chairman of 1st education policy

Expected Questions on Higher Education December 2018 - NTA NET Paper 1 (Part 1 of 3)
Expected Questions CBsE NET November 2017 Paper 1: Higher Education (Part 1 of 4)

Higher education commission 1st established in which state MHRD includes which departments Council of Rural Education - Hyderabad University Education commission comes under S. R. Radhakrishnan Effective communication MNEGRA Verbal Communication includes

9 Types of Communication, Effective Communication & Active Listening


  • Environment Day 5th June
  • Population Day - 11 July
  • Human rights - 10 Dec

2004- South Asia disaster Which region is drought prone (states) Blood relations - … his mother is only daughter of my mother (how is women related to man as mother)

Fixing Blood Relations Problems with 3 Simple Tricks

Depth of research

Research Methodology (Part 2 of 3): 14 Types of Research Methods - Where to Apply?

Test -retest reliability

Test Construction (Part 3 of 3): Are Your Tests Reliable? 4 Types of Reliability

Random sampling

Sampling & Its 8 Types: Research Methodology

Formative assessment

Measurement & Evaluation: Difference, Formative & Summative, Criterion & Norm Referenced

Deductive argument

Logic, Types and Characteristics of Arguments

Original numbers Blind review Learner goes good with discussion Census data - primary -23 binary complement

Binary Equivalent of Negative Numbers (Ones’ Complement; Twos’ Complement) Computers

Terabyte Size of RAM, register, memory, magnetic disk Digital technology Skype - interpersonal communication Bluetooth is PAN (Internet is WAN) Acronym - PDF, DNS, Modem, LCD, USB VRML - Virtual Reality Modelling Language - 3D vector Hub, modem, router - internet Input devices http: ⁄ ⁄ www.abc.com (protocol) Website is collection of Data transfer Gopher - protocol E-pathshala Hawthorne effect Cognitive stages - Piaget Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: The Basics & 4 Approaches

Anamalai Tiger Reserve, earlier known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park - Top Slip Richter scale - magnitude

Earthquakes - Causes, Distribution, Impact & 4 Types of Waves

Biomass not provide electricity Natural gas better than fossil fuel Photosphere Use of solar energy

DI Questions Cab Speed time Students pass or fail

Solving Data Interpretation Problems- Tricks, Techniques, Visualization and Imagination
Data Interpretation: Solve 15 Questions in 30 Minutes (Testing Tuesdays) -NET/Bank PO/SsC

Andragogy Pedagogy Topology

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