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Consider the following two tables (I and II) that show the percentage wise distribution (%) of the number of laptops sold by a shopkeeper during a period of six months from April to September 2018 and the ratio between the number of laptop sold of brand HP (H) and brand DELL (D) during the same six months. A total of 45000 laptops have been sold during these six months. Study these tables I and II and answer the questions that follow

I. Sale of Laptops Month Wise with II. Laptops Brand Ratio
I. Sale of laptops Month wiseII. Laptops Brand Ratio
Name of Month% of LaptopsName of MonthRatio

31. The number of laptops sold by brand H during April is approximately what percentage of the number of laptops sold by brand H during September?





32. If of the laptops sold by Brand H during August were sold at a discount, how many laptops of brand H during that month were sold without a discount?





33. If the shopkeeper earned a profit of ₹ 434 on each laptop sold of brand D during July, what was his total profit earned on the laptops of that brand during the same month?

1. ₹

2. ₹

3. ₹

4. ₹

34. What is the ratio of the number of laptops sold by Brand D during the month April to those sold during September of the same brand?





35. What is the total number of laptops sold by Brand D during May and June, together?





36. Which of the following is an example of proprietary system software?

1. Linux

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer

3. Microsoft Office

4. Microsoft windows

37. Statement I: Most of the member countries in the International Solar Alliance are located between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn

Statement II: Japan is a member country of the International solar alliance

Which of the above is correct:

1. I only

2. II only

3. Both I and II

4. Neither I and II

38. Which of the following disasters belong to the category of nuclear disasters?

a. Fukushima disaster

b. Chernobyl disaster

c. Three mile island incident

d. The love canal disaster

Choose the correct option:

1. abc

2. abd

3. acd

4. bcd

39. Jatin՚s laptop has a LCD screen. The acronym LCD stands for

1. Light crystal display

2. Liquid compact display

3. Light compact display

4. Liquid crystal display

40. Why would BCC: be used in an e-mail?

1. It allows the recipient to identify all the other recipients in the list when a group email address is used.

2. It allows the sender to indicate who the email is for if there is more than one recipient

3. It allows the sender of a message to conceal the recipient entered in the BCC: field from the other recipients

4. It allows recipients to be visible to all the other recipients of the message

41. Gyanvani launched by IGNOU to cover the educational needs of India refers to

1. Satellite based educational TV channel

2. Educational FM radio network

3. Global initiative of academics network

4. MOOCs

42. A computer network which is used within a building is called a

1. WAN

2. MAN

3. LAN

4. SAN

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