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NET June 2019 Exam, candidates must practice the most frequently appearing questions of different sections of the exam. Data Interpretation is one of the scoring categories in this exam. The concepts of Ratios and Percentages are used in this section. For explanations and solutions to these questions don՚t forget to visit www.doorsteptutor.com


Consider the following table that shows the percentage (%) distribution of population of six cities A-F, ratio of males to females and the percentage (%) Of adult population in these cities. Total population of these six cities is 24 lakhs. In accordance with the table, answer the question that follow:

Population City Wise City % of Population Male: Female % Adult
Population city wise
City % of population Male: Female % Adult
A214: 360
B185: 464
C165: 372
D202: 370
E101: 175
F153: 265

Q 31. What is the total number of male population in city D?

(1) 1.88 lakh

(2) 1.92 lakh

(3) 1.96 lakh

(4) 2.04 lakh

Q 32. What is the number of persons in city C who are not adult?





Q 33. What is the number of persons of city F who are Adult?





Q 34. What is the difference between number of males and the number of females in City B?





Q 35. The Number of adults in city E is what percent of the number of males in City D?





Q 36. Which statement is true about Random Access Memory (RAM) in a Computer system?

(1) RAM is non-volatile and the amount of RAM in a computer system cannot affect its performance

(2) RAM is non-volatile and the amount of Ram in a computer system can affect its performance

(3) RAM is volatile and the amount of RAM in a computer cannot affect its performance

(4) RAM is volatile and the amount of RAM in a computer system can affect its performance

Q 37. “Gyan Darshan” launched by IGNOU refers to which one of the following?

(1) Satellite based educational T. V. Channel

(2) Educational FM radio network

(3) Global initiative of Academic networks

(4) Online courses

Q38. What is the binary equivalent of decimal number 75?





Q 39. You need to use automatic calculations in preparing a budget. Which software application should be used?

(1) Spreadsheet

(2) Presentation

(3) Word processing

(4) Desktop publishing

Q 40. Through which Act University Grants Commission came into existence?

(1) UGC Act- 1956

(2) UGC Act- 1949

(3) UGC Act- 1944

(4) UGC Act- 1968

Q 41. In the correct of IT/ICT, which one of the following about spamming True?

(1) Spamming is posting or e-mailing unsolicited advertising messages to a wide audience

(2) Spamming is sending lines of nonsensical garbage in a chat Conversation

(3) Spamming is posting a message that contains graphic description of something offensive

(4) Spamming is an attempt to acquire sensitive information for Malicious reasons, by masquerading as trustworthy entity

Q 42. The introduction of MOOC in open and distance learning programmes is Justified because of its

(1) Low cost considerations

(2) Accessibility considerations

(3) Speed considerations

(4) Novelty considerations

Q43. A geothermal reserve has the stored heat of 5 ⚹ 1019 J. If the overall efficiency of a geothermal power plant based on this reserve is 0.04, how much power can be produced by the plant in 1 year?





Q 44. Which of the following materials is widely used in solar cell fabrication?

(1) Nubidium

(2) Silicon

(3) Nickel

(4) Chromium

Q 45. How many National Missions of Indian Government are there to address the problem of climate change?

(1) 6

(2) 8

(3) 12

(4) 17

Q 46. Which of the following instructional designs is part of SWAYAM launched by Government of India?

(i) E-Tutorial

(ii) E-Content

(iii) Assessment

(iv) Discussion Forum

(v) Classroom teaching

Choose the correct option from below

(1) (i) and (ii) only

(2) (i) , (iii) , (iv) and (v) only

(3) (i) , (ii) , (iii) and (iv) only

(4) (iii) and (v) only

Q 47. Which one of the following institutions was established as a consequence to the closure of inter-University Board brought in of cooperation among the University in the field of education and allied areas?

(1) Association of Central Universities

(2) University Grants Commission

(3) IIAS, Shimla

(4) Association of Indian Universities

Q 48. The target set by Indian government for power from roof-top installation By the year 2022 is





Q 49. A virus type that is capable of transferring from one computer to another without any ‘user interaction’ is known as

(1) Worm

(2) Trojan

(3) Key Logging

(4) Boot Sector Virus

Q 50. Which of the following types of energy sources employ direct Conversation process to produce electricity?

(1) Biomass

(2) Wind

(3) Geothermal

(4) Nuclear

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