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NET June 2019 Exam, candidates must practice the most frequently appearing questions of different sections of the exam. Logical & Mathematical Reasoning section tests the candidates ′ ability to think and problem solving skills. The questions asked in this question are mainly the brain teasers and sometimes can be quite tricky to answer. It covers both Analytical and Mathematical Reasoning topics. For explanations and solutions to these questions don ′ t forget to visit www.doorsteptutor.com

Q 17. The sum of money doubles at compound interest in 6 years. In how many years will it become 16 times?

(1) 16 years

(2) 24 years

(3) 48 years

(4) 96 years

Q18. In a new budget, the price of petrol rose by by how much percent must a person reduce his consumption so that his expenditure on it does not increase?





Q19. ‘All republic are grateful’ and ‘some republics are not grateful’ cannot both be true, and they cannot be false. This is called as

(1) Contraries

(2) Contradictories

(3) Subaltern

(4) Super altern

Q 20. Oar is rowboat as foot is to

(1) Running

(2) Sneaker

(3) Skateboard

(4) Jumping

Q 21.152 is divided into four parts is proportional to 3,4, 5 and 7, then the smallest part is





Q 22. In a classroom situation, a teacher organises group discussion to help arrive at a solution of a problem. In terms of a model of communication used, it will be called

(1) A transactional model

(2) An interactive model

(3) A horizontal model

(4) A linear model

Q 23. If the proposition ‘House are not bricks’ is taken to be False then which of the following propositions can be True?

(a) All houses are bricks

(b) No house is brick

(c) Some houses are bricks

(d) Some houses are not bricks

Select the correct answer from the options given below:

(1) (b) and (c)

(2) (a) and (d)

(3) (b) only

(4) (c) only

Q 24. Given below are two premises with four conclusions drawn from them. Which of the following conclusions could be validly drawn from the premises?


(i) No paper is pen

(ii) Some paper is handmade


(1) All paper are handmade

(2) Some handmade are pen

(3) Some handmade are not pen

(4) All handmade are paper

Q 25. Which of the following is a function of mass media?

(1) To transmit culture

(2) To formulate national policies

(3) To help the judiciary take its decisions

(4) To stabilise the share market

Q 26. Today՚s media-society equation is largely

(1) Mystical

(2) Morally bound

(3) Consumer conscious

(4) Tradition centric

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