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NET June 2019 has been conducted throughout the country between 20th June 2019 and 26th June 2019 through the Computer Based Test (CBT) mode in which 6,81, 718 candidates appeared. UGC NET 2019 Exam is being conducted for 101 subjects at different Examination Centres spread across the country for the post of Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or Assistant Professor only. In this article we are going to share the detailed Exam Analysis of NTA UGC NET June 2019 Exam conducted online on 24th June, 21st June and 20th June 2019 (Shift 1&2) . let՚s first look at the Exam Pattern of NTA UGC NET June 2019 Exam. For explanations and solutions to these questions don՚t forget to visit www.doorsteptutor.com

Q 46. Select the option that shows the storage devices in order of capacity from lowest to highest.

(1) CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Blu-Ray

(2) Blu-Ray, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM

(3) DVD-ROM, Blu-Ray, CD-ROM

(4) DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Blu-Ray

Q 47. Which of the following statement (s) is/are true in respect of wireless Technology

P: Bluetooth is a wireless technology which can be used to connect a headset to a mobile phone.

Q: Bluetooth is a long range wireless technology and is a low cost means of data transfer.

(1) P only

(2) Q only

(3) Both P and Q

(4) Neither P nor Q

Q48. Which of the following NOT correctly matched?

(a) ?

(i) Gyan Darshan-Satellite based educational T. V. channel

(ii) Gyan Vani-Educational FM Radio network

(iii) MOOC-Massive Open Online Credits

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

(1) Only (i) and (ii)

(2) Only (ii) and (iii)

(3) Only (iii)

(4) Only (i) and (iii)

Q 49. Which of the following are priority areas in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals?

(a) No Poverty

(b) Zero Hunger

(c) Reducing Urbanisation

(d) Peace, Justice and strong institutions

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

(1) (a) , (b) , (c)

(2) (a) , (c) , (d)

(3) (b) , (c) , (d)

(4) (a) , (b) , (d)

Q 50. Alagal Blooms in Oligotrophic lakes are

(1) Very frequent

(2) Frequent

(3) Very rare

(4) Widespread

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