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NET June 2019 Exam, candidates must practice the most frequently appearing questions of different sections of the exam. Communication is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions through speech, signals, writing, or behaviour. Communication questions are related to the topics types and methods of communication. For explanations and solutions to these questions don’t forget to visit www.doorsteptutor.com

Q 11. Another word for ‘Weightage’ is

(1) Credit

(2) Mass

(3) Weight

(4) Freedom

Q 12. High energy, achievements and competitiveness are valued during

(1) Admission

(2) Recruitment

(3) Promotion

(4) Admission and recruitment

Q 13. When a student stands first in the class, the general credit is given to:

(1) Contacts

(2) Intelligence

(3) Hard work

(4) Attractive features

Q 14. Dissatisfaction is often witnessed in people with

(1) Creative skills

(2) High expectations

(3) Good decision- making ability

(4) High education qualifications

Q 15. Those who understand a problem in a short span of time will be people with

(1) High IQ

(2) Low IQ

(3) Average IQ

(4) Good IQ

Q 16. In both mass communication and classroom communication, filtering of information and contents is referred to as

(1) Rationalisation

(2) Gate keeping

(3) Content correction

(4) One-way flow

Q 17. Since most interactions with other people take place at a highly superficial level, making good ________ becomes difficult.

(1) Course corrections

(2) Predictions

(3) Deeds

(4) Announcements

Q 18. If in a certain code, BAT=23and CAT=24, then how you will code BALL?

(1) 27

(2) 28

(3) 32

(4) 39

Q 19. Identify the argument under which instantial propositions are inferable from Universal Proposition.

(1) Deductive argument

(2) Inductive argument

(3) Reductive argument

(4) Analogical argument

Q 20. A group of 40 employees of Cadre A has a mean age of 31. A different group of 60 employees of Cadre B has a mean age of 28. What is the mean age of two employees of the two groups together?

(1) 29.8

(2) 29.5

(3) 29.2

(4) 29

Q 21. The cognitive domain of communication involves matters related to

(1) Emotions

(2) Knowledge

(3) Fantasy

(4) Escapism

Q 22. Consider the argument provided below:

“Sound is important because it is audible”

Identify the fallacy involved in the above argument on the basis of Indian Logic form the options given below:

(1) Fallacy of Trivial reason

(2) Fallacy of irrelevant reason

(3) Fallacy of wrong assertion

(4) Fallacy of contradictory reason

Q 23. An aeroplane flies along the four sides of a square field at the speed of 400, 600, 800and 200 km/hr. find the average speed of the plane around the field.

(1) 324 km/hr

(2) 360 km/hr

(3) 384 km/hr

(4) 396 km/hr

Q 24. A perception where we do not have the knowledge of an object characterized by any predicate but an apprehension of some unrelated elements is called as?

(1) Determinate perception

(2) Indeterminate perception

(3) Verbal testimony

(4) Implication

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