NTA NET Paper 1 25 Sept 2020 Morning Shift Paper 1

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NTA NET Paper 1 25 Sept 2020 Morning Shift

Q. 1 Using an appropriate parametric test in a research project, the researcher finds evidence to reject the Null hypothesis. In doing so, which type of error is likely?

1. Alpha error

2. Beta error

3. Both Alpha and Beta errors

4. Neither Alpha nor Beta error

Answer: 1

Q. 2 Which of the following research is intervention-based, cyclic in nature and improvement focused?

1. Case study research

2. Survey research

3. Experimental research

4. Action research

Answer: 1

Q. 3. In the spectrum of teaching methods given below, which are considered dialogic?

A. Laboratory work

B. Demonstration

C. Tutorials

D. Group discussion

E. Project work

Choose the correct answer from the options given below

1. C and D only

2. A and B only

3. B and C only

4. D and E only

Answer: 3

Q. 4 Which of the following factors contributing to school learning are termed as social cornpetence?

A. Motivation

B. Intelligence

C. Social skills

D. Family support

E. Specific abilities of the learner

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A, C and D only

2. A, B and C only

3. B, C and D only

4. C, D and E only


Q. 5 Match List I with List II

Match List I with List II
List IList II
Sampling techniques used in researchDescription
A. Simple random samplingI. The units are identified in terms of various specific features identified before drawing a sample structure
B. Systematic samplingII. Each unit is given an equal independent chance of being picked up
C. Dimensional samplingIII. The k-interval is obtained by N/n and the units are drawn using the same, where N is population size and n is desired sample size.
D. Snowball samplingIV. First member unit is used to identify the second unit and so on

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A-I, B-lV, C-ll, D-lll

2. A-ll, B-lll, C-l, D-IV

3. A-IV, B-ll, C-lll, D-l

4. A-lll, B-l, C-IV, D-ll

Answer: 4

Q. 6 Teaching differs from training and conditioning in so far as it promotes

1. Disciplined drill

2. Critical thinking

3. Steady association

4. Mastery of facts

Answer: 2

Q. 7 Given below are two statements, one is labelled as Assertion A and the other is labelled as

Reason R

Assertion A: Empirico-inductive paradigm in research focuses on meaning-giving subjective perspectives to depict reality

Reason R: The purpose of research in this paradigm is not to arrive at generalizations but to discover the reality as lived

In light of the above statements, choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below

1. Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A

2. Both A and R are correct but R is NOT the correct explanation of A

3. A is correct but R is not correct

4. A is not correct but R is correct

Answer: 1

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Q. 8 A college/university teacher plans to test his/her substantive research hypothesis in a major project. Which of the following statements are considered relevant in this regard?

A. Substantive research hypothesis has to clearly specify the relationship among variables

B. Research hypothesis may be directed at finding out differential effects or relationships

C. Null hypothesis should be formulated beforehand

D. There is direct support available for testing the substantive research hypothesis

E. The final decision on the research hypothesis may be reached indirectly by deciding the fate of the Null hypothesis

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A, B and C only

2. B, C and D only

3. A, D and E only

4. A, B and E only

Answer: 3

Q. 9 Identify from the following, those features of key behaviours which are contributive to the effectiveness of teaching

A. Lesson clarity which implies making ideas clear to the learner

B. Questioning-implying fact and concept based questions

C. Probing involving eliciting and soliciting moves

D. Teacher-task orientation with a focus on outcomes of the unit clearly defined

E. Engagement in the learning process which implies the amount of time students devote to learning

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A, B and C only

2. B, C and D only

3. A, D and E only

4. B, D and E only

Answer: 3

Q. 10 Match List I with List II

Match List I with List II
List IList II
Methods of estimating the reliability of a testDescription
A. Test-retest methodI. Administering the test in one session with two equivalent halves of the test for correlation
B. Alternate form methodII. Two or more raters score the test independently
C. Split-half methodIII. Administering the same test to the same group at two different sessions
D. Inter-rater methodIV. Administering the two forms of the test to the same group at two different sessions

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A-l, B-ll, C- lll, D-IV

2. A-ll, B-l, C-IV, D-III

3. A-IV, B- III, C- II, D-I

4. A-lll, B-IV, C-I, D-ll

Answer: 1


Read the passage carefully and answer questions that follow

Marketers are reexamining their relationships with social values and responsibilities and with the very Earth that sustains us. As the worldwide consumerism and environmentalism movement mature, todays marketers are being called on to develop sustainable marketing practices. Corporate ethics and social responsibility have become hot topics for almost every business. And few companies can ignore the renewed and very demanding environmental movement. Every company action can affect customer relationships. Today՚s customers expect companies to deliver value in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

The social-responsibility and environmental movements will place even stricter demands on companies in the future. Some companies resist these movements, budging only when forced by legislation or organized customer outcries. Forward-looking companies, however, readily accept their responsibilities to the world around them. They view sustainable marketing as an opportunity to do well by doing good. They seek ways to profit by serving immediate needs and the best long-run interest of their customers and communities.

Some companies, such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerrys, Timberland, Method, and others, practice caring capitalism, setting themselves apart by being civic-minded and responsible. They build social linkages.

Q. 11 What do farsighted companies prefer?

1. Sustainable marketing

2. Legislative compulsion

3. Organized consumer pressure

4. Status quo in the market

Answer: 2

Q. 12 According to the passage, sustainable marketing is perceived as

1. Immediately profitable

2. Community fallacy

3. Doing good to community as an opportunity

4. Long-term burden to society as a difficult issue

Answer: 3

Q. 13 The concern for today՚s society centres on

1. Marketing strategies

2. Customer relations

3. Corporate ethics

4. Delivery of value for money

Answer: 3

Q. 14 The present-day marketers have focused on

1. Consumerism

2. Social obligations

3. Sustaining their business practices

4. Competitive business

Answer: 1

Q. 15 Caring capitalism is inclusive of

A. Make profit by ignoring social demands

B. Being civic-minded

C. Forging social linkages

D. Budge when there is a legislative nudge

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A and B only

2. B and C only

3. C and D only

4. A and D only

Answer: 4

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