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Q. Consider the following table that shows parent profit earned by company ABC and company XYZ during the year 2011 - 2016

Answer the questions based on the data contained in the table:

Table show in Answer the questions based on the data

Table show in Answer the questions based on the data


Percent profit earned by company ABC

Percent profit earned by company XYZ



















If the profit earned by company ABC in the year 2015 was Rs. 6,60,000 what was the total income of the company in that year?





Answer: 1

Q Which of the following NOT correctly matched?

(i) Gyan darshana – Satellite based educational T. V. Channel

(ii) Gyan Vani – Educational FM Radio network

(iii) MOOCs – Massive Open Online Credits

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. Only (i) and (ii)

2. Only (ii) and (iii)

3. Only (iii)

4. Only (i) and (iii)

Answer: 3

Q In post-independence India, which one of the following Committee Commission’s report deals with all levels of education in India?

1. Sergeant Commission

2. Hartog Committee

3. Kothari commission

4. Radhakrishnan Commission

Answer: 3

Q Which of the following is a plagiarism checking website?

1. http://go.turnitin.com

2. http://www.reserarchgate.com

3. http://www.editorial.elsevier.com

4. http://www.grammarly.com

Answer: 1

Q 1. In which method of arriving at knowledge the emphasis is on both proceeding from particular to general and from general to particular in a combined way?

1. Inductive method

2. Deductive method

3. Scientific method

4. Analogical method

Answer: 3

Q 5. Which of the following is an example of higher order of cognitive learning outcome?

1) Learning of facts and their sequences

2) Learning roles and action sequences

3) Learning of concepts and abstractions

4) Leaning of awareness and valuing

Answer: 3

Q 6. Consider the argument provided below:

“Sound is permanent because it is a product like the jar”.

Identify the fallacy involved in above argument on the basis of Indian logic from the options given below.

1. Fallacy of contradictory reason

2. Fallacy of irrelevant reason

3. Fallacy of wrong assertion

4. Fallacy of trivial reason

Answer: 2

Q During which year the present system of affiliation of colleges to the Universities was introduced in India?

1) 1857

2) 1928

3) 1948

4) 1966

Answer: 1

Q Oligotrophic lakes are characterized by

1) High level of nutrients

2) Low level of nutrients

3) Absence of nutrients

4) High level of organic matter

Answer: 2

Q Manoj commission is 10 % on all upto Rs. 10,000 and 5 % on all sales exceeding this He remits Rs. 75,500 to his company after deducting his commission. The total sales will come out to be

1) Rs. 78,000

2) Rs. 80,000

3) Rs. 85,000

4) Rs. 90,000

Answer: 2

Q All children are not greedy is an example of which proposition?

1) Universal Affirmative

2) Universal Negative

3) Particular Affirmative

4) Particular Negative

Answer: 4

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