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NTA has conducted the UGC NET June 2019 Exam for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Lectureship (LS) in online mode on 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th June 2019 in 81 Subjects and 91 Selected Cities spread across the country. The students who appeared in the exam might be eager to know about the UGC NET exam analysis and review of the papers that have been held in June. For explanations and solutions to these questions don՚t forget to visit www.doorsteptutor.com

Ques 13. Which one of the following is NOT an integral part of credit policy of a business firm?

(I) Credit Standards

(II) Credit terms

(III) Collection Policy

(IV) Credit rating

Ques 14. Which of the following statistical techniques should be used when you wish to examine the association between two nominal variables?

(I) Multiple regression analysis

(II) Simple correlation coefficient

(III) Chi - square contingency test

(IV) Pearson correlation coefficient

Ques 15. Indicate the correct answer for the combination from the following regarding the conditions for the applicability of a binomial distribution:

(a) There are no independent trials

(b) Each trial has only two possible outcomes

(c) The possibilities of two outcomes do not remain constant

(d) The trials are independent

Which of the following options is correct?

(I) (a) , (b) and (c)

(II) (a) , (c) and (d)

(III) (a) , (b) and (d)

(IV) (b) , (c) and (d)

Ques 16. Linux is most well-known and widely used

(I) Open source operating system

(II) Java Platform

(III) Communication Software

(IV) System Software

Ques 17. Respondents of a recent sample survey provided names of friends they thought would be likely users of a new product. These friends were contacted, completed a survey and asked to supply names of other likely users. Which method of sampling has been used in this survey?

(I) Judgemental

(II) Snowball

(III) Expert

(IV) Quota

Ques 18. Which one of the following involves selling at a loss to gain access to a market and perhaps to drive competition?

(I) Persistent dumping

(II) Predatory dumping

(III) Reverse dumping

(IV) Sporadic dumping

Ques 19. If actual production of units are lower than the budgeted level of production, which of the following costs would be lower than the budgeted costs?

(I) Variable cost per unit

(II) Total variable cost

(III) Total fixed cost

(IV) None of the above

Ques 20. “Economics is the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life” . Which kind of definition is it?

(I) Wealth definition

(II) Welfare definition

(III) Scarcity definition

(IV) Growth definition

Ques 21. Which of the following invalidates informal persuasions to boycott China imported goods?

(I) Plurilateral agreement

(II) Protection through tariffication

(III) National treatment rule

(IV) Most favoured nation principle

Ques 22. Which of the following institutions is known as the ‘soft loan window’ of the World Bank?

(I) International Monetary Fund

(II) International Development Agency

(III) International Finance Corporation

(IV) Asian Development Bank

Ques 23. In most of the cases ‘cessation of work’ , refusal to continue to work or refusal to accept employment is called strike. Which of the following does NOT come under the form of strike?

(I) sit - down strike

(II) Hunger strike

(III) Gherao

(IV) Work to rule

Ques 24. A firm՚s competitive advantage over its competitor is best described by the

(I) Difference between buyers ‘willingness to pay (WTP) and suppliers’ willingness to sell (WTS) is greater than the competitor՚s difference between the WTP and WTS

(II) Combined valuation of businesses more than the individual sum of businesses

(III) Winner businesses win more than the loser՚s lose

(IV) Superiority of the corporate strategy over its business strategy

Ques 25. Singapore Airlines offer personalized service at airport, excellent service in flight, menu of customer՚s choice, personal TV etc. It is an example of

(I) Functional brand

(II) Justified brand

(III) Image brand

(IV) Experience brand

Ques 26. What is the one month forward price of crude oil trading at $ 70 a barrel when annual interest rate is 6 percent and monthly storage cost amounts to?





Ques 27. Which one of the following is true for a monopoly firm that operates at the level of output where?

(I) If, there is abnormal profit for the firm

(II) If, there is abnormal profit for the firm

(III) If, the firm earns only normal profit

(IV) If, the firm earns only normal profits

Ques 28. Which among the following is a correct statement?

(I) Entrepreneur is an employee and intrapreneur is free and the leader of the operation

(II) Intrapreneur is an employee and entrepreneur are free and the leader of the operation

(III) Entrepreneurship is the change initiative taken within a going concern by the people working in the organisation

(IV) Intrapreneurship is the change initiative taken by a group of independent people

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