Solutions to Maharashtra SET Paper 1 Held on 30ThAug 2015 - Part 1 (Q. No. 1 to 15)

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Solutions to Maharashtra SET Paper 1 held on 30th August 2015. Most of the questions were direct and required basic understanding of the facts. Here are the solutions to paper 1 questions 1 to 15 - 1. Which of the following is not an example of non - verbal communication?

(A) Letter writing

(B) Facial Expression

(C) Pace of Speaking

(D) Silence

Answer: B

2. On which criteria communication can be classified into ‘Intra - personal’ , ‘Inter - Personal’ , ‘group’ and ‘mass’ communication?

(A) Medium of communication

(B) Number of participants in communication

(C) Message of communication

(D) Purpose of communication

Answer: B

3. Which of the following is the most correct description of ‘breaking news’ in the context of news channels?

(A) A news mainly about a shocking or violent event

(B) A news mainly based on pictures taken by hidden camera

(C) A short and developing news about an important event just discovered.

(D) A precise news focusing on investigation of political corruption.

Answer: C

4. What is the significance of the 1980s in the context of television in India?

(A) Television transmission began in India.

(B) DTH services for television began in India.

(C) Rapid expansion of Doordarshan՚s network

(D) Privately owned TV channels were allowed in India

Answer: C

5. The round table sitting arrangement in a typical conference room facilitates:

(A) One - directional communication

(B) More interactive communication amongst participants

(C) top - down communication

(D) bottoms - up communication

Answer: B

6. What communicative dimensions are added when PowerPoint presentation is used in teaching?

(A) Only visual

(B) Only Audio

(C) Audio as well as visual

(D) Audio, Visual and Interactive

Answer: D

7. Consider the following code words for the fruits.

Banana 010, Apple 111,

Mango 101 By the nearest decoding procedure the code word 000 will be decoded to:

(A) Banana

(B) Apple

(C) Mango

(D) Either Apple or Mango

Answer: A

8. Which of the following is true for the real numbers and ?

(A) and both are rational numbers.

(B) + is a rational numbers.

(C) and are not real numbers.

(D) is irrational for every natural n.

Answer: D

9. Suppose = 10, = + , ________, = + then which of the following is not true?

(A) No two terms of the sequence are equal

(B) At least one term of the sequence is larger than 10.1112

(C) The sequence is strictly increasing

(D) Every term of the sequence is less than 11.11.

Answer: B

Sequence is 10,10.1,10.11,10.111,10.1111,10.11111 < 10.1112

10. Assume that human beings will survive on the earth for infinity, Then:

(A) There is a person whose family line will never terminate.

(B) Everyone family line may get terminated

(C) At least 50 % of the present person՚s family line will not be terminated

(D) At most 50 % of the present person՚s family line will not be terminated.

Answer: A

12. Suppose that in an organization every teacher is a Scientist; every scientist who is not a teacher is an engineer. Therefore:

(A) every engineer is a scientist

(B) every teacher is an engineer

(C) every scientist is either teacher or an engineer

(D) no teacher is an engineer

Answer: C

Some teachers can be both scientists and engineers

13. L, M, N, P and Q appeared for a test. M scored better than P, but scored less than L and N. L scored better than N, P scored better than Q. Which of the following is the correct descending order based on their performance?





Answer: A

L > N > M > P > Q

14. Based on the following statements, which of the conclusion is/are correct?

Statement I: Some leaders are intelligent.

Statement II: All the managers are intelligent.

Conclusion 1: All the leaders are intelligent

Conclusion 2: Some managers are intelligent.

(A) Only 1

(B) Only 2

(C) Both 1 and 2

(D) Both a and 2 do not follow

Answer: B

15. Based on the following statements. Which of the following of conclusions will follow?

Statement I: All tigers are brave

Statement II: Some brave animals are Kind.

Conclusion 1: Some tigers are kind

Conclusion 2: Tom is a tiger, so he is brave.

(A) Only 1

(B) Only 2

(C) Both 1 and 2

(D) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: B

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