Solutions to Maharashtra SET Paper 1 Held on 30ThAug 2015 - Part 1 (Q. No. 16 to 30)

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Solutions to Maharashtra SET Paper 1 held on 30th August 2015. Most of the questions were direct and required basic understanding of the facts. Here are the solutions to paper 1 questions 16 to 30 - 16. Mohini, Nanda, Seem, Anisha and Sangeeta are participating in a race. At the end of the race, Seema was ahead of Nanda but behind Anisha. Mohini was behind of all. Sangeeta was ahead of Seema. Who must be the first three in order of finishing the race?

(A) Mohini, Sangeeta, Seema

(B) Sangeeta, Seema, Anisha

(C) Anisha, Sangeeta, Seema

(D) Seema, Sangeeta, Anisha

Answer: C

Anisha > Sangita > Seema > Nanda > Mohini

Sangita > Anisha > Seema > Nanda > Mohini

17. Which of the alternatives will complete the following letter series?

HIG, LMK, ________, TUS, XYW





Answer: A

18. Which of the following represents the correct relationship among Fruits, Mangoes, and Alphonso?


Correct Relationship between Three - Choice a


Correct Relationship between Three - Choice B


Correct Relationship between Three - Choice C


Correct Relationship between Three - Choice D

Answer: A

Use the following table to answer questions nos. 19 to 22:

The following tables show the distributions of candidates who appeared for MBA entrance examination and candidates who passed the examination in seven different institutes.

Distribution of candidates

Distribution of Candidates
InstitutesAppeared (Percent)Passed (Percent)
Total Candidates85505700

19. What is the ratio of passed candidates to the candidates who appeared for the examination for institute A?

(A) 9: 11

(B) 14: 17

(C) 6: 11

(D) 9: 17

Answer: C

(18 × 5700) / (22x8550) = 6: 11

20. What is the percentage of passed candidates among the candidates who appeared in institutes B and C together?

(A) 68 %

(B) 80 %

(C) 74 %

(D) 65 %

Answer: B

(30 × 5700) / (25x8550) = 80 %

21. Which institute has the highest percentage of candidates passed to the candidates appeared?

(A) B

(B) C

(C) F

(D) E

Answer: C

22. The number of candidates passed from institutes A and D together exceeds the number of candidates appeared from institutes C and E together by:

(A) 228

(B) 279

(C) 399

(D) 407

Answer: C

(34 × 5700/100) - (18x8550/100) = 399

Use the following table to answer question No. 23 and 24:

Proportion of population of seven villages in 1997:

Population of Seven Villages
Village% Population% Population Below Poverty Line

23. Find the population of village Q if the population of village M below poverty line in 1997 is 12160.

(A) 18500

(B) 20500

(C) 22000

(D) 26000

Answer: C

38 % of x is 12160, so x = 32000.

16 % forms 32000, therefore 11 % will form (32000 × 11) /16 = 22000

24. If the population of village P in 1997 is 32000, then what will be the population of village N below poverty line in that year?

(A) 14100

(B) 15600

(C) 16500

(D) 17000

Answer: B

52 % of (32000 × 15) /16 = 15600

25. Which of the following is the correct chronology of communication technologies?

(A) Still photography, Computer, Radio, Internet

(B) Radio, Still photography, computer, Internet

(C) Still photography, Radio, Computer, Internet

(D) Radio, Computer, Still Photography, Internet

Answer: B

26. On the basis function identify the odd out from the following:

Facebook, G - mail, Myspace, Orkut, LinkedIn:

(A) LinkedIn

(B) G - mail

(C) Myspace

(D) Facebook

Answer: B

27. In the context of internet what is the full form of URL?

(A) User Requested Link

(B) Ultimate Response Location

(C) Unique Request Locator

(D) Universal Resource Locator

Answer: D

28. Which of the following software՚s is used to process and analyze quantitative data?

(A) Quark Express


(C) Quant Chrome


Answer: B (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

29. In the context of computer based word processing a typeset/fontset particularly used for Indian languages including Hindi and Marathi which can be easily used across different software՚s and operating systems without the help of converter is called as:

(A) Unitype

(B) Indifont

(C) Unicode

(D) Ultiform

Answer: C

30. In the context of computing and internet, identify the correct pair from the following:

(A) TB - Memory Storage Device

(B) Playstore - Operating system

(C) Pixel - Colour enhancing facility

(D) USB - Antivirus

Answer: A

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