Solutions to Maharashtra SET Paper 1 Held on 30ThAug 2015 - Part 1 (Q. No. 46 to 60)

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Solutions to Maharashtra SET Paper 1 held on 30th August 2015. Most of the questions were direct and required basic understanding of the facts. Here are the solutions to paper 1 questions 46 to 60 - 46. Students who can effectively express their thoughts show________ intelligence.

(A) Emotional

(B) Linguistic

(C) Interpersonal

(D) Cognitive

Answer: A

47. The factors which most affect the quality of teaching are:

(A) learner՚s abilities, teacher՚s communication skills, teaching method

(B) teaching method, teacher՚s communication skills, teacher՚s training

(C) teacher՚s salary, teacher՚s training

(D) classroom environment, use of audio - visual aids, learners՚

Answer: A

48. The most important purpose of home assignment is to:

(A) Keep students well engaged

(B) Instill habit of hard work in the students

(C) Provide feedback to the teacher regarding students learning

(D) Help in better retention of content

Answer: D

49. Doing research involves these steps (1) stating research objectives and hypothesis; (2) Methodology; (3) Identification of research problem; (4) Collection and analysis of data; (5) Statement of results and discussion

Identify their correct sequence:

(A) 1 ⇾ 2 ⇾ 3 ⇾ 4 ⇾ 5

(B) 4 ⇾ 1 ⇾ 3 ⇾ 2 ⇾ 5

(C) 3 ⇾ 1 ⇾ 2 ⇾ 4 ⇾ 5

(D) 2 ⇾ 1 ⇾ 5 ⇾ 3 ⇾ 4

Answer: C

50. The bibliography of research report:

(A) lists all the books published on the topic

(B) Lends credibility to the report and servers as a guide for further research

(C) Includes summaries of references listed in it

(D) Is always written in the format prescribed by the American Psychological Association

Answer: B

51. No hypothesis can be stated in________ terms.

(A) Directional

(B) Declarative

(C) Null and interrogative

(D) General

Answer: B

52. The F - test:

(A) Is basically one - sided

(B) Is basically two - sided

(C) Can be either, depending on the hypothesis

(D) Can never be two - sided

Answer: C

53. Experimental research can be:

(A) Easily generalized

(B) Easily analyzed

(C) Easily planned

(D) Precisely controlled

Answer: D

54. The quality of research of a research journal is indicated by its________

(A) H -index

(B) G - index

(C) i/o score

(D) impact factor

Answer: D

Answer question nos. 55 to 60 based on either the English passage or the Marathi passage:

Parents have to develop the habit of thinking in terms of ‘we’ , not ‘me’ . Think about the whole family. Some conventional, orthodox men feel they are the heads of the families. So it՚s their right to get all the advantages, privileges etc. Similarly some modern women think that ‘Gone are the days. Now we are working and earning by shoulder to shoulder to men. Hence the women should get the equal or sometimes even more advantages and privileges’ . Both such types of parents do not have ‘we’ -feeling. Family - oriented men and women would think of the whole family as a unit the advantages as well as troubles of each and every individual՚s member in the family. Thus in any interpersonal relationship - between spouses, between parents and children and between children - the thinking should be of ‘win -win’ type. The habit - formation should start from parents. Naturally the children will receive and absorb the same method of behaving.

When we listen with the intent to understand others, we begin true communication and relationship building. Generally parents go on ordering, dictating, and coercing the child without listening to him/her. Hence there is no two - way communication between parents and children. One - way ordering and the other - way obeying or disobeying is generally observed in the society. Even in parent - child relationship, it՚s better if parents first listen to children, observe their expressions, behavior. Here they try to understand the child. Now it՚s likely that their reaction would be in line with the child՚s ability and expectation. In fact, parents have to remember that success definitely deserves a hug, but Failure needs an even tighter embrace.

55. Some conventional men think that:

(A) They must take all the decisions in the family

(B) Women should get equal advantages and privileges

(C) They must have all the conveniences and advantages in the family

(D) Everyone in the family must obey them.

Answer: A

56. Thinking in terms of ‘we’ means thinking about:

(A) The family

(B) The nation

(C) Both men and women

(D) The society

Answer: A

57. Which of the following statements is true?

(A) Orthodox men have ‘we’ -feeling

(B) Children learn methods of behavior from their parents

(C) Parents and children must have a friendly relationship

(D) The habit formation in the family should start from grandparents

Answer: A

58. True communication and relationship building begin with:

(A) Ordering and dictating

(B) Ordering and obeying

(C) Expecting and speaking

(D) Listening and understanding

Answer: D

59. If parents try to understand the child, their reaction will be in consonance with the child՚s:

(A) Behavior

(B) Achievements

(C) Abilities

(D) Ambitions

Answer: C

60. The most appropriate title for the passage is:

(A) The parent - child relationship and the family

(B) The compulsions of family

(C) True relationship building

(D) Success and failure in the family

Answer: A

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