Themes of NPE 2016

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The Government has introduce 33 themes regarding New Education Policy according to the changing aspects of the people requirement for quality education, invention and research and make India a knowledge superpower by providing necessary skills and knowledge thought a universal approach which also includes communication with Indian population for get better and more idea about requirements of modification and introduction of new concepts in National Policy of Education.

The themes are divided in two parts:

  1. 13 themes for School Education
  2. 20 themes for Higher Education
Themes for New Education Policy

Themes on School Education

  1. Ensuring Learning Outcomes in Elementary Education
  2. Extending outreach of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education
  3. Strengthening of Vocational Education
  4. Reforming School Examination Systems
  5. Revamping Teacher Education for Quality Teachers
  6. Accelerating rural literacy
  7. Promotion of ICT systems in school and adult education
  8. New Knowledge, pedagogies & approaches for teaching of Science
  9. School standards, School assessment & School Management systems
  10. Girls, SCs, STs, Minorities & children with special needs
  11. Promotion of Language
  12. Ethics, Physical Education, Arts & Crafts, Life Skills
  13. Focus on Child Health

Themes on Higher Education

  1. Governance reforms for quality
  2. Ranking of institutions and accreditations
  3. Improving the quality of regulation
  4. Pace setting roles of central institutions
  5. Improving State public universities
  6. Integrating skill development in higher education
  7. Promoting Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and online courses
  8. Opportunities for technology enabled learning
  9. Addressing regional disparity
  10. Bridging gender and social gaps
  11. Linking higher education to society
  12. Developing the best teachers
  13. Sustaining student support systems
  14. Promote cultural integration through language
  15. Meaningful partnership with the private sector
  16. Financing higher education
  17. Internationalization of higher education
  18. Engagement with industry to link education to employability
  19. Promoting research and innovation
  20. New Knowledge

In this regard, Government has introduced web portal www.mygov. in though which population of India should give their suggestions and their views on Education Policy.

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