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This is the third part of the UGC Paper 1 Dec 2013 multi-part series where we will discuss the answers for UGC NET exam five questions at a time. The paper this time was tricky. Examrace UGC Paper 1 Series (/NTA-UGC-NET/NTA-UGC-NET-FlexiPrep-Program/Postal-Courses/Examrace-NTA-UGC-NET-Paper-I-Series. htm) and UGC Online Classes for Paper 1 would equip students to sail through this paper. For more details contact 0999 - 800 - 8851 or

The major source of the pollutant gas, carbon mono-oxide (CO) , in urban areas is

(A) Thermal power sector

(B) Transport sector

(C) Industrial sector

(D) Domestic sector

Answer: (B)

Carbon monoxide is a temporary atmospheric pollutant in some urban areas, chiefly from the exhaust of internal combustion engines (including vehicles, portable and back-up generators, lawn mowers, power washers, etc.) . Therefore, transport ssector is the major contributor to CO pollution.

In a fuel cell driven vehicle, the energy is obtained from the combustion of

(A) Methane

(B) Hydrogen



Answer: (B)

A Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) is a type of vehicle which uses a fuel cell to power its on-board electric motor. Fuel cells in vehicles create electricity to power an electric motor, generally using hydrogen and oxygen from the air.

Which one of the following Councils has been disbanded in 2013?

(A) Distance Education Council (DEC)

(B) National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

(C) National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)

(D) National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Answer: (A)

In a major development in 2013, the Distance Education Council (DEC) of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has been dissolved. The HRD Ministry of India will entrust UGC with all regulatory responsibilities of the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) education system.

Which of the following statements are correct about the National Assessment and Accreditation Council?

(1) It is an autonomous institution.

(2) It is tasked with the responsibility of assessing and accrediting institutions of higher education.

(3) It is located in Delhi.

(4) It has regional offices.

Select the correct answer from the codes given beiow:


(A) 1 and 3

(B) 1 and 2

(C) 1,2 and 4

(D) 2,3 and 4

Answer: (B)

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an organization since 1994 that assesses and accredits institutions of higher education in India. It is an autonomous body funded by University Grants Commission of Government of India headquartered in Bangalore. In 2013, it has been proposed to start regional centers in universities so that they are close to the academic sphere. However, currently Bangalore is the only office for NAAC.

15. The power of the Supreme Court of India to decide disputes between two or more States falls under its

(A) Advisory Jurisdiction

(B) Appellate Jurisdiction

(C) Original Jurisdiction

(D) Writ Jurisdiction

Answer: (C)

In real practice, the only original jurisdiction cases heard by the Court are disputes between two or more states

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