UGC NET Dec 2013 Paper 1 Solved Part 10

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This is the 10th part of the UGC Paper 1 Dec 2013 multi-part series where we will discuss the answers for UGC NET exam five questions at a time. The paper this time was tricky. Examrace UGC Paper 1 Series and UGC Online Classes for Paper 1 would equip students to sail through this paper, as most of the questions were a part of Examrace curriculum. For more details contact + 91 - 999 - 800 - 8851 or

Q. In sampling, the lottery method is used for

(A) Interpretation

(B) Theorisation

(C) Conceptualisation

(D) Randomisation

Answer: (D)

Lottery method is an example of randomisation (meaning a deliberately haphazard arrangement of observations so as to simulate chance) .

Q. Which is the main objective of research?

A) To review the literature

B) To summarize what is already known

C) To get an academic degree

D) To Discover new facts or to make fresh interpretation of known facts

Answer: (D)

Research aims to find new facts and give explanations or make interpretations on already known facts.

Q. Sampling error decreases with the

A) Decrease in sample size

B) Increase in sample size

C) Process of randomization

D) Process of analysis

Answer: (B)

As the sample size increases, the margin of error decreases. This is called as inverse relationship because the two move in opposite directions.

Q. The principles of fundamental research are used in

A) Action research

B) Applied research

C) Philosophical research

D) Historical research

Answer: (B)

Applied research since aims to apply to basic concepts, it uses principles of fundamental research.

Q. Users who use media for their own ends are identified as

A) Passive audience

B) Active audience

C) Positive Audience

D) Negative audience

Answer: (A)

An active audience is one that actively engages with the text. They do not simply accept every media message. Active audience theory argues that media audiences do not just receive information passively but are actively involved, often unconsciously.

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