UGC NET Dec 2013 Paper 1 Solved Part 11 (Download PDF)

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This is the 11th part of the UGC Paper 1 Dec 2013 multi-part series where we will discuss the answers for UGC NET exam five questions at a time. The paper this time was tricky. Examrace UGC Paper 1 Series and UGC Online Classes for Paper 1 would equip students to sail through this paper, as most of the questions were a part of Examrace curriculum. For more details contact + 91 - 999 - 800 - 8851 or

Q. Classroom communication can be described as

A) Exploration

B) Institutionalization

C) Undignified narration

D) Discourse

Answer: (D)

Discourse is a written or spoken discussion on any topic or subject. Typically classroom communications follow discourse.

Q. Ideological codes shape our collective

A) Productions

B) Perceptions

C) Consumptions

D) Creations

Answer: (B)

Our perceptions are framed by the ideological codes.

Q. In communication myths have power but are

(A) uncultural

(B) insignificant

(C) imprecise

(D) unpreferred

Answer: (C)

Myths are imprecise but are powerful tools for communication.

Q. The first multi-lingual news agency of India was

(A) Samachar


(C) Hindustan Samachar

(D) Samachar Bharati

Answer: (C)

Hindusthan Samachar was a multilingual news agency in India. It was set up in 1948 by S. S. Apte, offering its services in 10 languages.

Q. Organisational communication can be equated with

(A) intra-personal communication

(B) inter personal communication

(C) group communication

(D) mass communication

Answer: (B)

Group communication is when a group communicates with others. It is not just one person giving the message, it is several people. But in organization, it can be just a manager communicating to its next hierarchy in line and therefore, it denotes interpersonal communication.

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