UGC Solved Paper 1 29ThJune 2014 Set X Part 6 of 10

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Examrace under Examrace UGC Paper 1 Series covers the complete topics and subtopics that were asked in the June UGC paper 1 examination. In this section we will discuss questions 31 to 40 from Set X for 29th June 2014 UGC NET examination. All the questions discussed will contain the correct answers and explanations for the same.

31. Which of the following statement is correct about central university?

1. Central university is established under act of parliament

2. President of India acts as visitor of university

3. President has the power to nominate some members to the executive committee or board of management of the university

4. President occasionally presides over the meetings of executive committee or court.


d) 1,2, 3 and 4

c) 1,2 and 3

b) 1,3 and 4

a) 1,2 and 4

Answer: c)

Explanation: Central University is established under act of parliament. President of India is the Visitor of all Central Universities. President/Visitor nominates some members to the executive Committee/Board of Management/Court/Selection Committees of the University as per the provisions made in the relevant University Act. President as Visitor also exercises powers in respect of amendments, additions and repeal of status; suspension and disallowance of Ordinances; ordering enquiries into the affairs of the Universities; and resolution of disputes between Selection Committees and the executive Councils.

32. Consider this statement followed by two arguments

Statement: India should have a very strong and powerful Lokpal.


1. Yes, it will go long in elimination of corruption in bureaucracy

2. No, it will discourage honest officers from making quick decisions


a) Only argument 1 is strong

b) Only argument 2 is strong

c) Both arguments are strong

d) Neither arguments are strong

Answer: a)

Explanation: A strong Lokpal will help in elimination of corruption in bureaucratic set up and improve the efficiency and functioning of the government. In this case honest officers will never be discouraged to make quick and prompt decisions.

33. Which is the best method of teaching?

a) Lecture

b) Discussion

c) Demonstration

d) Narration

Answer: c)

Explanation: Demonstration is considered the best method amongst these methods as in this method, the person remembers any concept very well and will not forget it since it has visual and audio impacts.

34. Dyslexia is associated with

a) mental disorder

b) behavioral disorder

c) reading disorder

d) writing disorder

Answer: c)

Explanation: Dyslexia is a disorder associated with reading fluently with accurate comprehension and is a developmental reading disorder.

35. e-content generation for undergraduate courses has been assigned by Ministry of Human Resource Development to


b) Consortium for educational communication

c) National Knowledge Commission


Answer: b)

Explanation: The Consortium for Educational Communication popularly known as CEC is one of the Inter University Centres set up by UGC and has launched e-content for undergraduate courses in 7 subjects viz. Anthropology, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Photography, Environmental Studies and History after botany which was launched previously.

36. Classroom communication is normally considered as:

a) effective

b) cognitive

c) affective

d) selective

Answer: b)

Explanation: Classroom communication is one where a student tries to comprehend and understand what the teacher is explaining and therefore requires cognition.

37. Which of the following teaching is considered as a sign of motivated teaching?

a) appendix

b) Maximum attendance of the students

c) Pin drop silence in the classroom

d) Students taking notes

Answer: a)

Explanation: If the student is asking questions in the class that means that the student is actively involved and likes participating in the class and this is therefore an example of motivated teaching.

38. In the thesis, figures and tables are included in:

a) Students asking questions

b) separate chapter

c) concluding chapter

d) text itself

Answer: d)

Explanation: Figures and tables are put in the thesis, where and when required, therefore they go along with the main text

39. Thesis statement is:

a) observation

b) fact

c) assertion

d) discussion

Answer: d)

Explanation: Thesis statement explains how you will interpret the significance of the subject matter under discussion and emerges you to think about a specific topic.

40. Research approach of Max weber to understand how people create meanings in natural settings is identified as:

a) positive paradigm

b) negative paradigm

c) natural paradigm

d) interpretative paradigm

Answer: d)

Explanation: The interpretative paradigm talks about the fact that reality is constructed by subjective perception and predictions cannot be made. Researchers working on this paradigm are interested in the social construction of meaning. People have free will, purposes, goals, and intentions, so people should be studied as active agents and it explains how people create meanings in natural settings.

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