UGC Solved Paper 1 29ThJune 2014 Set X Part 9 of 10

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Examrace under Examrace UGC Paper 1 Series covers the complete topics and subtopics that were asked in the June UGC paper 1 examination. In this section we will discuss questions 50 to 55 from Set X for 29th June 2014 UGC NET examination. All the questions discussed will contain the correct answers and explanations for the same.

50. The telephone model of communication was first developed in the area of

a) technological theory

b) dispersion theory

c) minimal effects theory

d) information theory

Answer: a)

Explanation: The first model pf communication was developed by Shannon and Weaver to send and receive messages or transfer information from sender to receiver. This was mainly designed to mirror the functioning of radio and telephone technologies. Therefore, the development area was technological theory.

51. Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2013 has been conferred to

a) Karan Johar

b) Amir Khan

c) Asha Bhonsle

d) Gulzar

Answer: d)

Explanation: Veteran poet and film lyricist Gulzar has been chosen for the coveted Dadasaheb Phalke Award for 2013 as announced by Ministry of Information and broadcasting.

52. Photographs are not easy to

a) publish

b) secure

c) decode

d) change

Answer: c)

Publishing, securing and changing a photograph is an easy task. But it is not really easy to decode the photograph as there are numerous pixels and each pixel has its own characteristics.

53. The grains that appear on television set when operated are also referred to as

a) sparks

b) green dots

c) snow

d) rain drops

Answer: c)

Explanation: Grains appearing on TV sets are known as dots or snow and are random pattern superimposed on the picture which are result of electronic noise and radiated electromagnetic noise accidentally picked up by the antenna.

54. In circular communication, encoder becomes a decoder when there is

a) noise

b) audience

c) criticality

d) feedback

Answer: d)

Explanation: In circular communication if encoder becomes decoder, then there is a feedback mechanism that exists and loop is created.

55. Breakdown in verbal communication is described as:

a) short circuit

b) contradiction

c) unevenness

d) entropy

Answer: d)

Explanation: Entropy implies tendency towards degeneration of order existing within systems (e. g. , when the perspective of a communicative goal is lost, verbal communication may easily lead to a breakdown) .

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