Praxis Calculator Policy

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Tests That Permit the Use of a Calculator

You may use a four-function or scientific calculator for the following tests although you are not required to do so:

  • Business Education (0101 and 5101)
  • Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (0014 and 5014)
  • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031)
  • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects: Mathematics Subtest (5033)
  • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects: Science Subtest (5035)
  • Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (0511 and 5511)
  • Middle School: Content Knowledge (0146 and 5146)
  • Middle School: Multiple Subjects (5141)
  • Middle School: Multiple Subjects: Mathematics Subtest (5143)
  • Middle School: Multiple Subjects: Science Subtest (5145)
  • Pennsylvania Grades 4 βˆ’ 8 Core Assessment (5152)
  • Pennsylvania Grades 4 βˆ’ 8 Core Assessment: Mathematics and Science (5155)
  • Pennsylvania Grades 4 βˆ’ 8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158)
  • Pennsylvania Grades 4 βˆ’ 8 Subject Concentration: Science (5159)

You may use a four-function, scientific or graphing calculator for the following tests although you are not required to do so. A graphing calculator may provide an advantage over a scientific calculator on some questions.

  • Mathematics: Pedagogy (0065)
  • Middle School Mathematics (0069)

If calculator is used for these tests, you must have your own with you at the testing center. Test centers will not provide you with calculators.

Tests Requiring Graphing Calculator

The tests listed below require the use of a graphing calculator:

  • Mathematics: Content Knowledge (0061 and 5061)
  • Mathematics: Proofs, Models and Problems, Part 1 (0063)

Test takers are expected to bring a graphing calculator with the following capabilities:

  • Plot the graph of a function within an random viewing window
  • Find the zeros of a function
  • Calculate the derivative of a function numerically
  • Calculate the value of exact integral numerically

Types of Calculators That Are Not Permitted

The following are not permitted:

  • Moveable/handheld computers or laptops
  • Electronic writing pads
  • Models with pen-input/stylus/touch-screen capability
  • Pocket organizers, cell phones, BlackBerry devices, or personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  • Models with QWERTY or typewriter keypads as part of hardware or software
  • Models with printers
  • Models that require an electrical outlet
  • Models that make noise or β€œtalk”
  • Models that can access the Internet OR have wireless or Bluetooth capability
  • Models that have a camera, scanning capability or digital audio/video player recording/player capability

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