Praxis I Exam Subjects: 3 Core Areas

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Praxis I contains three core areas viz. mathematics, reading and writing.

Praxis Math

  • It is important to know the basic formulas.
  • It is important to learn the basic formulas
  • Consider each question as new and challenging.
  • Focus on geometric shapes and simple equations.
  • Practice and Practice as much as you can
  • Decimal arrangement is important for preparation
  • Be aware if you are believed to move the decimal to the right or left on different math problems as if you are ignorant of where the decimal must be placed, you will have nominal chance of selecting the right answer.
  • Refer Examrace Praxis I math series for practice questions with solutions and explanations

Praxis Writing

  • Arrangement of thoughts is important
  • Creation of sentence structure is required
  • Placement of object, subject and verb is important
  • Avoiding grammatical error is a must
  • Understanding of grammatical idea and parts of speech

Praxis Reading

  • Developing the conception skills with reading.
  • Spend time reading various scientific journals and magazines.
  • Read every passage carefully.
  • Do not try to scan over the passage and pick up just the main theme
  • Even if you are an very slow reader you should finish each passage in less than 2.5 minutes.
  • Identify major ideas and relationships within these writings.
  • It aims to judge the reading skills
  • Refer Examrace Praxis I reading series

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