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The Praxis I exam is meant to get professional licensure for teacher certification and is made by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) . Praxis I or PPST means Pre-Professional Skills Tests. The Praxis I exam include reading, mathematics and writing.

Praxis I tests aim to be one of the final obstacle in your student career. Students may take any part of the Praxis I exam alone or with another section. Over 44 states require the Praxis I to be taken by students looking for a teaching certification. In addition, the Praxis I can be taken around eight times during a calendar year. The questions center on your skill to make decisions about data relations, sentence structure errors, and paragraph organization. It requires that you understand fundamental principles of Math and English and apply this to your academic skills.

The hours of studying and the class work lastly pay off when you pass the Praxis I. You are then free to teach and you have highly required after job skills.

Praxis I tests are multiple-choice tests. The Praxis I Writing test also includes an essay section. The number of questions and length of each test differ depending on which format you take. The formats and score requirements for the computer-based and paper-based tests are similar.

Computer-Delivered Tests

The Praxis I computer tests may be taken either as three separate tests on separate days, or as one single test. Individual scores will be reported for Reading, Mathematics and Writing on both the individual and the combined tests.

If you take the Praxis I computer-delivered tests separately, each session lasts two hours. If you take the combined test, the entire session lasts 4 hours. Each session includes tutorials and the collection of background information. The combined test includes time for an optional 10-minute break.

Here is teh summary of actual test time and questions asked:

TestNumber of QuestionsTesting Time
ReadingQuestions 46Minutes 75
MathematicsQuestions 46Minutes 75
Break (Optional)N/AMinutes 15
Writing (2 sections)Questions 44Minutes 38
Writing (2 sections)Essay 1Minutes 30

Paper-Delivered Tests

Each paper-based test is one hour long and may be taken as three part tests on different days or on the same day. The testing time and number of questions are shown below:

TestNumber of QuestionsTesting Time
ReadingQuestions 40Minutes 60
MathematicsQuestions 40Minutes 60
Writing (2 sections)Questions 44Minutes 30
Writing (2 sections)Essay 1Minutes 30

Praxis Testing Tips

Many fight with inadequate funding & overpowering task of studying to clear Praxis. At Examrace, we help students overcome the challenge of the Praxis I test. The key Praxis I testing tips are stated as follows:

  • don՚t take all three sections at the same time if you want to focus on one content area.
  • Focus on your areas of greatest weakness.
  • Even if you get 90th percentile on the math, this won՚t help you with the written part of the Praxis I exam.
  • Passing score for each sectio is must.
  • Review for each section of the Praxis I separately.
  • Dont get stressed out:

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