Praxis II Agriculture California

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In California and Oregon the Agriculture (CA) exam of the PRAXIS II series is the evaluation exam for future high school agriculture teachers. Six general topics normally taught in undergraduate agricultural degree programs are covered under this exam, and they are approximately divided in the following manner to total 148 multiple choice questions:

  • 40 questions covering Plant and Soil Science
  • 25 questions covering Agricultural Management
  • 30 questions covering Animal Science
  • 18 questions covering Agriculture and Society
  • 25 questions covering Agricultural Mechanics
  • 10 questions covering Agricultural Resources Management

The area of Plant and Soil Science covers classification of plants, reproduction and growth of plants, and the purpose of various plant parts.

From breeding to marketing every questions regarding Animal Science will be covered. Knowledge about industries related to animals and animal products should have to be known by examiner and of the management of the businesses and operations, as well knowledge cleanliness and health of the animals.

The Agricultural Management questions will focus mainly on the business and economic aspects of agriculture including marketing, accounting, management, and insurance, as a few examples.

Materials and procedures used in agriculture will cover question related to the Agricultural Mechanics. This includes, but is not limited to, irrigation, tools and machinery, fencing, uses of power, sketches, the layout of fields, and the use of soil and water.

The questions that relate to Agriculture and Society will focus on the role that agriculture plays in economics and politics, jobs in agriculture, the status of agriculture sociologically, and leadership in agriculture. The quality of water and the safety of food also cover the concerns associated with this topic.

The area of Agricultural Resources Management lays emphasis on ecology and the affects of agriculture and energy on the environment. The preservation of wildlife, forests, land used for grazing, and land used for recreation purposes is also included.

The Agriculture (CA) exam is a two hour exam. Individuals who take the exam should anticipate demonstrating knowledge of these topics as well as displaying proficiency in these areas as connected to real life situation.

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