Praxis II Agriculture Pennsylvania

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The Agriculture (PA) exam specifically checks the capability of future teachers to teach agriculture to high school juniors and seniors in Pennsylvania. Potential teachers should be familiar with the content of the exam from courses taken in the pursuit of bachelor degrees in the education of agriculture who take the exam. The content of the Agriculture (PA) exam is broken up into six areas that are roughly divided into 140 multiple choice questions as follows:

  • 28 questions covering Leadership and Supervised Occupational Experience
  • 28 questions covering Agricultural Mechanics
  • 21 questions covering Animal Science
  • 21 questions covering Soil Science
  • 21 questions covering Agricultural Economics
  • 21 questions covering Plant Science

The Leadership and control Occupational Experience questions lays emphasis on aspects of programs for both adult and on the Future Farmers of America. Personal interests such as camps and workshops, public oration, and contests; issues associated with organizations such as, committees, officers, and service to the community; and the subject of careers in agriculture, including aspects of occupational training are topics included in this category.

The field of Agricultural Mechanics will involve the questions related to equipment used in raising animals and crops and in the processing of the goods that are produced. This area of the exam will include all side of construction that are relevant to agricultural practices as well as knowledge of various tools and safety concerns of work on farms.

The type of Soil Science consists of the study of soil, ways to test soil for fertility, the preservation of land and soil, and careers and safety concerns associated with soil science.

Plant Science will focus on questions in the area of the structure and physiology of plants, cultivation of crops from planting to harvesting and processing, types of plants and crops, and careers and safety concerns related to plant science and the raising of crops.

The questions under the topic of Animal Science will focus on the anatomy and physiology of livestock, management of livestock, the products of livestock, breeds of livestock, and careers and safety concerns related to animals in agriculture.

The group of Agricultural Economics focuses on supply and demand, multiple facets a management and marketing, and laws concerning agriculture principles.

This is a two hour exam, with 40% to measure knowledge and 60% of the questions being real-life problem-solving questions.