Praxis II Agriculture Conducted by ETS

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The PRAXIS II Agriculture exam is a two hour evaluation exam who plan to teach agriculture to juniors and seniors for future high school teachers, and who have bachelor՚s degrees in the education of agriculture. There are seven areas that are addressed in the PRAXIS II: Agriculture exam, and the 120 multiple choice questions are divided as follows:

  • 18 − 20 questions covering Plant and Soil Science
  • 18 − 20 questions covering Animal Science
  • 18 − 20 questions covering Agricultural Mechanization and Technology
  • 18 − 20 questions covering Agricultural Business and Economics
  • 18 − 20 questions covering Program Planning and Management
  • 11 − 13 questions covering Agriculture: Social and Historical Perspectives
  • 11 − 13 questions covering Natural Resources and Environment

In the Plant and Soil Science area, questions will include the nomenclature of plants, maintenance of land, characteristics of soil, cultivation and maintenance of crops, and different aspects of horticulture.

The questions connecting to Animal Science will cover information regarding main kind for certain industries for example, poultry or dairy cattle. Anatomy and physiology of animals will also be included in this information, the proper methods of lifting and taking care of animals, and methods of processing the supplies produced by the animals.

Topics such as equipment and tools, technology for sustaining water and soil standards as well as maintaining equipment, construction associated with agriculture, and all aspects of safety associated with agriculture will cover under the study of Agricultural Mechanization and Technology.

The Agricultural Business and Economics questions will address facets of management and marketing, economic principles, and different types of business opportunities related to agriculture.

The questions in the area of Program Planning and Management will cover organizations for students, assistance with career planning, options for students to get experience in agriculture, manage programs, and history, philosophy, and laws relating to agriculture.

Questions relating to Social and Historical viewpoint will focus on the history, economic relevance, laws and policies, and regional products of agriculture as well and trends and careers in agriculture.

Finally, questions related to Natural Resources and Environment will cover energy, such as the flow of nutrients in the food chain, environmental alarm associated with factors such as erosion and chemical use, and maintaining habitats and populations of wildlife.

To apply these topics in the real world examinees are expected to demonstrate knowledge and the capability.

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