Praxis II Chemistry Content Essay Exam by ETS

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The Chemistry: Content Essays exam aims on the proficiency of high school teachers to teach the chemistry subject. Basically, candidates who give the following exam have taken the courses important for teaching and to obtain a bachelor's degree in chemistry. The exam is of one hour and comprises of 3 essays of equal scores on the topics quoted below:

  • Structure and Property Correlations.
  • Chemical Reactions.
  • Impact of Chemistry on Technology and Society.

First two questions of the essay will examine two factors. Both will evaluate knowledge of the main topic as well as one being Structure & Property Correlations and the other being Chemical Reactions. However one question will focus on the scientific skills, while the other question will focus on the comprehension of systems, patterns, concepts and models of science.

The scientific skills that will purely examined in any of the two questions may include analysis of data, methods and configurations of experiments. Even Examinee might have to prove the ability to start an experiment with a hypothesis and to interpret findings of the same. Question pertaining to the measurement of knowledge of scientific systems, patterns, concepts and models, the examinee has to demonstrate his knowledge of how different part of a scientific system work with each other, prove his understanding with reasons on scientific patterns such cycles with an ability to identify them, He must be able to lay down the concepts using his own understanding of science as well as a thorough understanding of models like how they are made, their uses and restrictions.

Atlast, The third essay question will focus on the Impact of Chemistry on Technology as well as on Society. Examinee need to elaborate how chemistry and technology affect society, with the help of the relevant concepts, principles and vocabulary of chemistry and science.