Praxis II Chemistry Content Knowledge 0241 Exam by ETS

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Praxis II Chemistry: The Content Knowledge exam is based on the subject matter that will be basically learned in starting of college chemistry courses to access the knowledge of individuals who plan to teach high school chemistry. Most examinees who take this exam have earned bachelor's degrees in chemistry and have also completed course work required for teaching. The exam is composed of 50 multiple choice questions that are divided into four categories as follows:

  • 14 questions based on Chemical Reactions/Biochemistry.
  • 13 questions based on Solutions and Solubility.
  • 12 questions based on Atomic Structure/Chemical Periodicity/Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions.
  • 11 questions based on Nomenclature/The Mole, Bonding, and Geometry.

Questions regarding Chemical Reactions/Biochemistry will include the topics like stoichiometry, the equilibrium of chemicals, chemical reactions and kinetics. The subjects of electrochemistry and redox chemistry will also be there in exam. Also this category, will test the knowledge of relevant reactions and compounds in biology.

Questions regarding Solutions and Solubility cover the vocabulary for solutions and concentrations, kinds of solutions and formulas for calculating concentrations. Examinees must be aware of ionic equilibrium, Ksp calculations and colligative properties.

Questions regarding Atomic Structure/Chemical Periodicity/Thermodynamics include the make-up and arrangement of atoms and electrons and the features of electron structures along with questions based on periodicity of chemicals and reactions & bonds related with periodicity and thermodynamics.

Questions regarding the Nomenclature area include naming system of chemicals, compounds and acids. Questions on mole, bonding and geometry will evaluate molecular biology, the characteristics of bonds, the relationship of chemical reactions and bonds and intermolecular forces. Examinees may also need to use formulas in the exam.

Some questions in the exam will be taken from subject matter of higher level chemistry courses for the purpose of judging the knowledge of the subject above what he or she had been taught in a high school course, hence it should must be noted. Although examinees may need to use formulas in the exam, but they are not allowed to use calculators in the exam. All essential information including periodic tables, SI unit conversions and physical constants will be available in the test book.

Please note that, calculators are not allowed during the Chemistry: Content Knowledge (0241) exam.