PRAXIS II English Language, Literature, and Composition Essays Exam

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The following exam is aimed for those individuals who prefer to teach English at the secondary level. Two hours will be provided, to complete 4 essay questions. The exam will check and judge your ability to analyse literature and it effectively communicate in the context of crucial issues surrounding the study of English. Two questions will be there, where you need to interpret a selection of literature from American, English or world literature of any genre. The first question will be regarding a work of poetry, the second a work of prose. The third question will require you to examine the rhetorical characteristics and points of a passage regarding the study of English. The fourth question will require you to take and defend a stance pertaining to the study of English; using literary works as well as reference materials to support your position. Questions will be there regarding literary interpretation, qualities and discipline of a literary study, types of literary works which we choose to read and the value of studying literature, which you need to answer.