PRAXIS II English Language, Literature and Composition Pedagogy Exam

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The exam is aimed for those candidates who would like to teach English at the secondary level. One hour will be provided for two essay type questions. The test will judge your ability to teach literature and analyse student writing. The first question will allow you to choose a literary work basically used at the secondary level as a basis for responding to a three-part question. Firstly, you need to identify the core themes of the literary work you have chosen. Secondly, you need to identify two student problems of understanding your chosen literary work. Third and atlast, you need to elaborate 2 instructional activities that would help students in understanding the characteristics of your chosen literary work. You should be sure to include specific examples for this literary work in your discussion. When you are responding to the question about teaching literature, your understanding of different skills students need to have in the English classroom should be shown. The second question will ask you to analyse an example of student writing. You need to find out and identify the strengths, weaknesses as well as errors in the student writing example. Your ability and understanding to analyse student writing and plan instructional activities will be judged by your response to this question. It is suggested that you spent 30 minutes on each question, as each and every question comprises of one half of the total scores for the exam.