Praxis II Environmental Education Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed for those potential instructors of environmental education for grades K − 12 in Pennsylvania, who have bachelor's degree in education. Two hours will be provided, to complete 140 multiple choice questions. There will be 25 questions pertaining to principles of ecology, 12 questions based on relevant principles from social sciences, 20 questions pertaining to influence of decisions on human ecological interaction, 52 questions pertaining to consequences of decisions and human ecological interactions and 31 questions based on appropriate instructional methodologies.

  • Principles of Ecology: Free of Human Influences: Tests knowledge of homeostasis, succession, the cycle of materials through an ecosystem, energy flow, environmental influences and limitations, interdependence and interaction between organisms and the principles related to individuals and populations.
  • Relevant Principles from the Social Sciences: Tests knowledge of group dynamics, special interests, economic aspects, political aspects, legal aspects, cultural influences, public relations, personal values and how they affect decisions, philosophical and ethical aspects, attitude towards new technology and principles related to organization.
  • Human Ecological Interactions: Influences on Decisions: Tests knowledge of the components and parts that affect human environmental decisions.
  • Human Ecological Interactions: Consequences of Decisions: Tests knowledge of awareness that consequences of decisions may be delayed and the impact of those decisions.
  • Appropriate Methodologies: Tests knowledge of the history of environmental education, safety and liability, implementation of outdoor activities, nature centers, zoos and other environmental agencies.