NTE Praxis: Geography notes on health indicators in India

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India Health Indicators (Current)

  • Birth rate (per 1000) 25.8

  • Death rate (per 1000) ....08.5

  • Infant mortality rate 68.0

  • (Per 1000 live births) Child (0-4) mortality

  • Rate (1998) 22.5

  • Total fertility rate 2.80

  • Expectation of life at birth: For males For females Maternal mortality rate (Per Lakh live births) 407 Couple protection rate ...48.2

Five Most Poor States

  • States BPL Ratio

  • Orissa 47.15

  • Bihar 42.60

  • Madhya Pradesh 37.43

  • Sikkim 36.55

  • Assam 36.09

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