Praxis II Geography Exam by ETS for 2019

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The exam is aimed for those individuals who wants to teach geography at the secondary level. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice questions. Twenty of the questions will act as a pretest and hence will not be graded. There will be 26 questions based on regional geography, 35 based on human geography, 25 based on physical geography and 24 based on map and globe skills.

  • Regional Geography: This section will test your knowledge of the relationships between humans and the environment, spatial patterns of economic activity, culture and; the perceptual, formal as well as functional features of a region.
  • Human Geography: This section will test your knowledge of economic development, co-operation and conflict among individuals in regions, distribution of resources, political aspects of boundaries, migration, settlement patterns, transition models and demographics.
  • Physical Geography: This section will test your knowledge of how human actions modify the environment, the relationship between human and physical systems, climate patterns, weather systems, ecosystems in spatial distributions, erosion, geomorphic processes, plate tectonics and physical processes that shape the surface of the earth.
  • Map and Globe Skills: This section will test your knowledge of proper use of maps to acquire and report information from a spatial perspective, types of maps and map projection. Your knowledge of the utilization of mental maps to organize information about the environment, people and places; and the utilization of charts and graphs as visual data representation will be tested in this section.