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Hypothesis Testing in Research Methodology: 2 Errors (Alpha & Beta); P-Region

Hypothesis – Research

Insufficient Evidence Can be true or false


  • Tentative solution to a problem
  • May or may not be correct
  • Clear
  • Precise
  • Testable
  • Consistent with facts
  • Provide answer to problem
  • Logical simplicity
  • Not contradict established facts
Hypothesis - Research

Why Important?

  • Direction to research
  • Operationalize procedure
  • Select facts
  • Replicate research
  • Draw logical conclusion
  • Relation between variables
  • Provides a statement deduced from theory

Aims to Find?

  • Difference
  • Relationship (Statistically significant – Implies difference in result did not occur by chance)
  • Interaction

Null Versus Alternative Hypothesis

Null Versus Alternative Hypothesisi for Hypothesis Image- 2
Measuring Temperature for Hypothesis Testing

Null Hypothesis (H0)

  • No statistical significance between the two variables.
  • Researcher is trying to disprove it.
  • Individual is free from disease
  • Relationship is due to chance

Alternative Hypothesis (Ha)

  • Statistical significance between the two variables.
  • Researcher is trying to approve it
  • Individual has disease
  • Relationship is not due to chance
  • If is accepted, is rejected

Substantive vs. Statistical

  • Substantive – expected relation b/w variables, not operationalized
  • Statistical – operationalized in terms of statistical parameter

Simple vs. Complex

  • Simple – 1 IV & 1 DV
  • Complex – 2 or more IV & 2 or more DV

Practical vs. Statistical

  • Practical – In terms of practical outcomes
  • Statistical – In statistical outcomes

Positive, Negative or Null

  • Null – no relation b/w IV & DV
  • Positive
  • Negative

Universal vs. Existential

  • Universal – all variables are true at all times

“Brave soldiers if rewarded will perform well”

  • Existential – exist atleast for one particular case

“Few corporate staff might not perform well despite reward”

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