Quantifying the Invisible – Constructs Challenging Magician: Measure Weight vs. Knowledge

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Measure Weight vs. Knowledge

Measure Weight vs. Knowledge
  • Can be for physical sciences – measurable quantity
  • Can be for behavioural sciences – measuring invisible (reverse of magician – make things appear)
  • Constructs – invisible traits and human characteristics
  • Ask questions – what is going inside our heads
  • Observe behaviour – cannot see thoughts but can see behaviour
  • Assign performance task – make judgement about skills, personality and traits

Types of Test

  • Achievement – knowledge and understanding
  • Aptitude – ability to predict how well one will perform in school
  • Personality – Score feelings, attitudes and how mind works

Interpreting the Score

Interpreting the Score
  • Norm Referenced – how many are above and below average – ACT, SAT, GRE – comparing scores to others
  • Criteria Referenced – interpret against standard criteria – state tests with no child left behind policy – based on their level of achievement.

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