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Research Design, Research Method, Research Methodology and Research Proposal - Key Differences


  • Research Design: Blueprint or structure within which research is conducted
    • What is the study about?
    • Where will study be carried out?
    • What type of data is necessary?
    • Where necessary data is available?
    • How much time is needed to complete the study?
    • What will be the sampling design?
    • Which tools will be identified to collect data?
    • How data will be analyzed?
  • Aim
    • Get answer for research problem
    • How to collect data and what observations to carry out
    • Guide about statistical techniques
    • Control variables in experimental research

Research Method: Method of Research (Quantitative or Qualitative)

A Research Method
  • Research Methodology: It includes nature of population, selection of sample, selection/preparation of tools, collection of data and how data will be analyzed
  • Research Proposal: stage where proposal gets a concrete shape – inspiration and insight translated to get new knowledge
  • Blueprint
  • Presented to funding committee
  • Serves as plan of action
  • Agreement b/w researcher and guide
  • Provide further rethinking on entire work
  • Research Design is subset of proposal

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