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28 Types of Variables in Research Methodology: Independent & Dependent Variables

Attribute or Quality Differ in Magnitude

Control of Variables

Control of Variables for Variables Image - 1
Control of Variables for Variables Image - 2
Control of Variables for Variables Image - 3
Control of Variables for Variables Image - 4

IV, DV, Mediating Variable

  • IV: Characteristic of experiment that is manipulated
  • DV: Variable measured
  • Mediating/intervening – hypothetical concept explain relation b/w variables (Parent՚s status ⇾ child՚s status by education)
  • Confounding – extra variable (effect of activity on obesity – AGE)
  • Dig! Dig!
  • Effect of noise on test score
  • IQ varies with age

Quantitative vs. Qualitative

  • Quantitative: Numbers (Interval/ratio)
  • Qualitative: attitude (good or bad) – can be compared not measured (nominal/ordinal)

Variables Based on Scaling

Variables Based on Scaling for Variables Image - 5

Continuous, Discrete & Categorical Variable

Continuous, Discrete & Categorical Variable

Absolute vs. Relative

  • Absolute: Meaning doesn՚t imply reference to property of others
  • Relative: Relationship b/w persons and objects

Global, Relational & Contextual

  • Global: Only to the level at which they are defined
  • Relational: Relationship of a unit
  • Contextual: Super-unit (all at lower level receive same value) – disaggregation
  • Analytical & Structural: From lower level data – aggregation
  • Active: Can be manipulated – experimental
  • Attribute: Pre-existing quality
  • ary/Dichotomous: pass/fail (0 - 1)
  • Endogenous
  • Exogenous
  • Dummy – record categorical variable in series of binary variable
  • Latent – cannot be observed (intelligence)
  • Manifest – indicates presence of latent (IQ score)
  • Polychotomous – with 2 or more possible values

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