Praxis II Art: Content, Traditions, and Aesthetics Exam

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The prospective art teachers who have bachelor՚s degrees in art or art education take the Art: Content, Traditions, Criticism, and Aesthetics exam. The capacities of future art teachers are evaluated by this exam to analyze, critique, and discuss pieces of art and architecture. The exam is composed of three essay questions that take around 20 minutes each to complete. The topics of each essay are as follows:

Global Traditions in Art, Architecture, and Design

Criticism and Aesthetics

The Content of Works of Art

The Content of Works of Art essay question will need the examinee to express how the components convey the artist՚s intent and how the workings of art work are used to articulate meaning in a piece of art.

Examinees will be asked to recognize and examine pieces of art or architecture for the Global Traditions in Art, Architecture, and Design essay, focusing on the historical and social characteristic of the art piece. Acknowledgment must be verified of the pressure of different art movements on the themes and styles of artists in other periods, as well as the demonstration of cultural beliefs and societal positions of artists in art.

The examinee will require the final essay, on disapproval and Aesthetics, to show knowledge of art criticism by discussing standard elements of criticism and to understand and examine a piece of art by using elements such as descriptions and symbolism. All three essays will be scored on the same scale, from 0 − 5, with a score of 5 being the highest score. If the examinee shows in depth understanding of the questions and gives thorough and detailed responses for each part of the question with moderate use of art vocabulary a score of 5 will be given for essays. Essays that obtain a score of 4 shows sufficient knowledge and understanding of art and of the questions, and use correct examples and vocabulary, but not as broadly as essays that would receive a score of 5.

A simple understanding of art and the questions essays that receive a score of 3, displays the responses are considered correct. A score of 2 is given for negligible knowledge and inaccurate responses and examples. Demonstrating no knowledge of art, using no art vocabulary, and not answering each part of the question will get a score of 1. The essay will receive a 0, for questions that are left blank or answered off-topic.

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