Praxis II Art Content

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To measure the knowledge of future art teachers in the broadly taught areas of art, the Art Content Knowledge exam is designed. The content of this exam is divided into three categories of multiple-choice questions as follows:

  • 47 questions on The Making of Art
  • 30 questions on Art Criticism and Aesthetics
  • 43 questions on Traditions in Art, Architecture, Design, and the Making of Artifacts

Questions of Art Making will focus on tools and materials, techniques and processes, and safety concerns and rules related with the making of two dimensional, three dimensional, and multimedia art.

The questions related to Traditions in Art, Design, Architecture, and the Making of Artifacts will cover a range of basic knowledge of art, Western art, and art from a variety of cultures. Terminology of art making techniques; terminology of elements, concepts, and characteristics related to various periods and styles in art and architecture, both Western and non-Western; and the ability to differentiate well known art pieces and architecture in general and to distinguish art work and architecture from certain cultures based on the elements in the art is also included. Individuals should also be able to distinguish art by Particular artists. The relationships and influences of artists, themes, and movements on art and artists; the relationship between artists and society; and the influence of politics, economics, and technology on art are also included under the topic.

The area of Art analysis and Aesthetics will cover standard vocabulary for art making techniques, for the basic elements of art, and also for new art forms. Test takers must be aware of the way in which content and form link, in this category. This part of the test will also evaluate the test takers ′ ability to critique, analyze, and interpret art, using appropriate vocabulary, knowledge of art history, and principles of art.

The Art: Content Knowledge exam is done over a two hour period, and typically each of the 120 MCQs should only take roughly one minute to answer. Some of the questions will be accompanied by illustrations.

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