Praxis II Art Making

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Individuals who have earned bachelor's degrees in art/art education are administered to the Art Making exam and who are in the course of becoming art teachers. This exam covers techniques and elements used in the making of art two in two separate sections:

  • Techniques of Art Making, Documentation of Personal Art and Making Working Knowledge of Basic Art Concepts

The test consists of the section of Working Knowledge of Basic Art Concepts and Techniques of Art Making exercises that permit the examinees to display their skill or knowledge of art-making in two kinds of media. Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, technology/media, and principles and elements of design are included in the exam of media and subjects covered in this section. Appropriate tools, materials, and techniques can be verified using each type of arts. The examinee may be asked to either explain the process of an art form or to physically relate their knowledge. Each exercise should take 5 minutes to complete, and both are scored on a scale of 0 − 3. A score of 3 is the highest score and is given to those who use a significant amount of art terms to systematically answer and describe their training and who show exact and clear understanding of the course involved in the exercises. As examinees show less knowledge and use of appropriate terms for art making scores gradually less. Exercises that are left blank are given zero score.

It is mandatory for examinees to bring four color copies of four different personal works of art in different media, for the Documentation of Personal Art Making section of the exam. Examinees will explain in two essays the techniques and process used in making two of the art pieces. The essays must clarify the reason for choosing the techniques, the processes from start to finish, the meaning or themes of the pieces, and the materials and tools used in creating the art. Each essay should take 25 minutes to complete.

Scoring is on a scale of 0 − 5. The essays that shows in depth knowledge and perception of art making techniques and in the application of techniques to express themes and meaning is awarded highest score of 5. Scores decrease as the demonstration of understanding and the skill to explain art making techniques decrease. Essays that are off-topic or left blank are given scores of 0.