Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge Part I Exam by ETS

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The Biology: Content Knowledge, Part 1 of the exam will measure the adeptness of future high school biology teachers to teach the subject. The duration of exam will be one hour and comprises of 75 multiple choice questions i.e.. MCQ that focuses on topics that are taught in the starting of biology courses in college. There are 6 areas of content, on which the questions will be based and they are quoted below:

  • 19 questions based on Diversity of Life, Plants and Animals.
  • 13 questions based on Basic Principles of Science.
  • 12 questions based on Molecular and Cellular Biology.
  • 11 questions based on Classical Genetics and Evolution.
  • 10 questions based on Ecology.
  • 10 questions based on Science, Technology and Society.

In the diversity of life, The main focus will be on the classifications and kingdoms. The evolution of plants, anatomy and physiology of plants and the characteristics of reproduction for plants will be covered in the questions relating to plants. Evolution, organ systems and functions, reproduction and behavior i.e.. both inherent and learned, incase of animals will be covered in the questions relating to animals.

Questions regarding the basic principles of science will comprise of history, concepts as well as methods of science. The use of maths, analysis of data, presenting of data in a scientific facet and methods of experimentation in laboratories is also included in this section.

Questions regarding molecular and cellular biology will comprise of structures and features of cells and chemicals associated with life forms and the subject of molecular genetics.

Classical genetics and evolution is a clubbed version of topics like Mendelian inheritance, genetic disorders and population genetics.

Questions regarding ecology will comprise of energy flow, ecosystems, communities of species, niches and factors associated with different population aspect.

Atlast, questions concerning science, technology and society will focus on topics linked to advances and ethics in science and technology like prenatal testing and cloning and the use of energy as the population of the human-beings grows.

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