Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge Part II Exam by ETS

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The Biology: Content Knowledge, Part 2 exam is to assess the ability to teach biology by future high school biology teachers. It consist of 75 multiple choices questions and is a one hour exam. Topics that are taught in beginning biology courses in college are enclosed in this exam. There are four areas of subject matter that the questions cover, and they are divided as follows:

  • 28 questions on Diversity of Life, Plants, and Animals
  • 18 questions on Classical Genetics and Evolution
  • 16 questions on Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • 13 questions on Ecology

Questions will cover the subjects of classifications and kingdoms, in the category of Diversity of Life. The origin of plants, anatomy and physiology of plants, and the features of reproduction for plants will cover questions pertaining to Plants. For Animals, questions will be asked about advancement, organ systems and functions, reproduction, and behavior, both inborn and learned.

Evolution and Classical Genetics is composed of topics such as Mendelian legacy, genetic disorders, and population genetics and a variety of aspects of evolution.

Structures and characteristics of cells and chemicals connected with life forms, such as meiosis and enzymes, and the subject of molecular genetics which includes topics such as DNA and nucleic acids include topics that are questioned in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Energy flow, ecosystems, communities of species, niches, and factors associated with various aspects of populations include the areas of questions in Ecology.